Children Enjoy Free Haircuts from SCC Cosmetology Students

In August, Stanly County schoolchildren got to enjoy free haircuts from the Cosmetology students at Stanly Community College (SCC) before heading back to school. "We've been offering free back-to-school haircuts for the past several years," noted David Smith, SCC's Program Head for Cosmetology. "It's a great opportunity for our students to get hands-on experience with real customers, plus the community benefits from the free service," he added.

SCC's Cosmetology curriculum is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry. The curriculum provides a simulated salon environment that enables students to develop manipulative skills.

Graduates should qualify to sit for the State Board of Cosmetic Arts examination. Upon successfully passing the State Board exam, graduates will be issued a license. Employment is available in beauty salons and related businesses.

Stanly Community College has scheduled an official open house for the Morton-Moffitt Cosmetology Center on Monday, October 17, 2017, at 11:00 a.m. Students, faculty, staff and the community are invited to join the festivities and tour the new facility.

Tammy Smith and Madison Gault

Advanced Cosmetology students Tammy Smith (front) and Madison Gault (back) gave haircuts to sixth grade student Jaden Whitley and third grade student Gracie Whitley at the new Morton-Moffitt Cosmetology Center located on the Albemarle campus. An open house is scheduled for the new facility on Monday, October 17, 2017.