Electrical Lineman Students Complete Training

Stanly Community College (SCC) students in the Electrical Lineman program have completed their 8-week training in order to earn their industry-recognized certification.

This program teaches students basic elements of electricity, overhead pole and electrical line construction, safety codes and applications, electric power system, as well as transformer and meter installations. On successful completion of the program, students will possess the necessary skills for employment in various electrical utility industries.

Electrical utility linemen and technicians will typically do the following: drive work vehicles to job sites; install, maintain, or repair the power lines that move and distribute electricity; identify defective devices, circuit breakers, fuses, voltage regulators, transformers, and switches; inspect and test power lines and auxiliary equipment; string power lines between poles and buildings; climb poles and use truck-mounted buckets to get to equipment; operate power equipment when installing and repairing poles and line; and follow safety standards and procedures.

According to the May (2014) U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, North Carolina ranks 5th in the nation among states with the highest employment level in the occupation of electrical power-line installers and repairers. This estimate is calculated with data collected from employers in all industry sectors in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas of North Carolina.

Classes are taught on a 15-acre training site located on the Albemarle campus and class size is limited to 12 students. Please call (704) 991-0181 for additional information.

Electrical Lineman Graduates

Pictured are the electrical lineman graduates. Left pole (top to bottom and left to right), Jacob Johnson, Shane Keen, Craig McCray, Jordan Griffin, Cody Pope and Tyler Swan. Right pole: Jessie Warren, Caleb M. Ratliff, Kenny Caudill, Blaine Long and Jimmy Johnson. Center bucket truck holds instructors Bill Wilson and Randy Smith.