Electronics Competition Held at SCC

This year marked the 16th annual Electronics Blast competition sponsored by Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation and hosted by Stanly Community College (SCC). Students from North, South, and West Stanly High Schools competed during the event held at the SCC Albemarle campus.

During this day long event, students were tested on their knowledge in electronics engineering with hands-on projects and written exams. Awards were given to the highest testing students in each skill level and the high school that accumulates the most points wins the Top Gun Award. This year’s Top Gun recipient was South Stanly High School and Bill Sorenson, South Stanly electronics instructor.

The awards ceremony began with Associate Dean of Engineering Technology Dan Parmer welcoming students and guests to the event. Master of Ceremony and Electronics Instructor Jeff Swaringen gave the audience an overview of the Electronics program at the College.

Michelin’s representatives Technical Services Manager, US11 Dhumketu Patel and Reliability Manager Michael Shelton, presented medals to the winning contestants in each level of competition. Five places in each of the three levels were recognized as the highest scores in the competition. The Top Gun award is a trophy made up of computer hard drive components and is highly coveted among the schools.

Level 1 winners were: 1st – Harris Elder (SSHS), 2nd – Patrick Owen (WSHS), 3rd - Ben Harwood (WSHS), 4th – Jack Johnston (WSHS) and 5th – Arthor Smith (SSHS).

Level 2 winners were: 1st- Tyler Pegram (NSHS), 2nd – Jacob Smith (SSHS), 3rd – Ryan Hittepole (NSHS), 4th – Wyatt Pitsaros (WSHS) and 5th – Jamie Hathcock (SSHS).

Level 3 winners were: 1st – Chase Wilson (WSHS), 2nd – Austin Mills (SSHS), Vinny Pallotta (WSHS), 4th – Jareth Baldwin (SSHS) and 5th – Chase Richardson (SSHS).

For more information about the SCC Electronics Engineering program, call Gary Hatley at 704-991-0135.

Level 3

Level 3 winners (left to right): Dhumketu Patel (Michelin), Jeff Swaringen (SCC), Chase Richardson, Jareth Baldwin, Vinny Pallotta, Austin Mills, Chase Wilson, Michael Shelton (Michelin) and Gary Hatley (SCC).

Level 2

Level 2 winners (left to right): Dhumketu Patel (Michelin), Jeff Swaringen (SCC), Jamie Hathcock, Wyatt Pitsaros, Ryan Hittepole, Jacob Smith, Tyler Pegram, Michael Shelton (Michelin) and Gary Hatley (SCC).

Level 1

Level 1 winners (left to right): Dhumketu Patel (Michelin), Jeff Swaringen (SCC), Arthor Smith, Jack Johnston, Ben Harwood, Patrick Owen, Harris Elder, Michael Shelton (Michelin) and Gary Hatley (SCC).

Top Gun

Top Gun award (left to right): Dan Parmer (SCC), Jeff Swaringen (SCC), Dhumketu Patel (Michelin), Bill Sorenson (SSHS), Michael Shelton (Michelin) and Gary Hatley (SCC).