From Google to Disney: Networking graduate finds success

From Google to Disney: Networking Graduate Finds Success

Cameron Sills

Like most college students, Cameron Sills found himself balancing work, school and family life when he was attending Stanly Community College. But after he graduated with his Networking Technology degree this past summer, he has no regrets. "I've nearly tripled my income (about 2.8 times more) than I was making as a Correctional Officer," explained Cameron. "People should never underestimate the value of an associate degree," he added.

Cameron's educational journey wasn't without bumps along the way. "I took all my classes online which was a very different experience than my previous education. I found that I really do much better in an online setting than in traditional classes." Cameron is very grateful for finding employment success so quickly after he graduated. His past employment contracts include IT companies like Google and Altos SE, a European IT service corporation with headquarters in Bezons, France and Munich, Germany. Cameron is currently a Network Engineer for Disney's data center in Kings Mountain, where he troubleshoots and configures network devices including Cisco Nexus, Juniper, and F5 load balancers. "It's amazing! It was a long winding road with ups and downs, but even after I got my first paycheck, and almost passed out, I still can't believe that it's actually happened. I went from food stamps to a huge budget surplus in just three short years," he added.

"Keep going!" Those are Cameron's words of advice to any networking students who may find themselves at a crossroad. "Make adjustments, give up something that is not that important (like video games or binge watching Netflix) but keep going! If there is a subject that you think you can't overcome (i.e., some people say they can't do math) then make that your only class for that semester if you need to, but keep going!"

According to Economic Modeling/EMSI national data (2015-2016), the median hourly earnings for this position is $26.87 per hour and have 2,261 jobs available for 2016.

Stanly Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Information Technology-Network Management, with career pathways in CISCO and Microsoft Technologies. For more information contact Brian Crump, Program Head, at (704) 991-0373.