IT Network Management Graduate Finds His Niche

William Jones

William Jones (New London) recently earned his IT-Network Management Degree at Stanly Community College and is currently employed with Uwharrie Technology, Inc., (Albemarle) as a Network Technician where he enjoys finding IT solutions in an ever increasing technological world.


When William Jones is not busy reading astronomical discoveries or creating video servers using Raspberry Pi, he is busy identifying network issues at work.

William earned his Information Technology (IT) Network Management degree from Stanly Community College in 2018, and was fortunate enough to have been offered employment before he graduated. “To be offered a position in the IT industry months before I graduated was surprising and wonderful,” said William, who is currently a Network Technician at Uwharrie Technology, Inc.

Jim Hillier, Partner, Uwharrie Technology, Inc., stated, “William is one of the best employees that we have ever hired. He is bright, dependable, intuitive, hardworking, and learns very quick. William has great people skills that enables him to communicate with all ages making him a rare find.”

Uwharrie Technology, Inc., provides data center virtualization, design, configuration, and management services for Albemarle and the surrounding region.

William explained, “As a Network Technician, I can identify network issues and find solutions. I also help maintain computers and mobile devices for customers. If their computer crashes, more often than not, I am able to recover information from the hard drive. It’s so rewarding to figure out a problem that has stumped everyone else.”

William remembers always wanting to work with computers, but his journey has led him down many different paths. During his high school years at North Stanly, he was enrolled in SCC’s Career and College Promise program, a program that offers free classes for juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. While still in high school, he was able to job-shadow at Computer Visions in Albemarle. He was also an intern for SCC’s Computer Engineering division where he learned the workings of computer hardware and software. The summer between his junior and senior year he enlisted in the Marine Corps (electrical technician) and reported to Parris Island a few weeks after graduating from high school.

After serving our Nation, William found himself working odd jobs while enrolled at the University of North Carolina—Charlotte (UNCC) in the Computer Science, Animation and Game Design program. After a couple years into the program, he realized he did not enjoy the coding environment and found himself back at SCC to earn the IT Network Management degree. This time, William was determined to finish what he started. He took seated, online, and hybrid classes, got an internship, and signed up for the IT work-study program. He worked tirelessly to learn everything he could about the IT networking industry.

Brian Crump, SCC, Program Head, IT Network Management, had this to say about William, “At no time did William not meet a task assigned to him. His life experiences with the military, college, internships, and employment just goes to show how hard he works to succeed. William is an innovator and problem solver, which will open many doors for him. I look forward to following his future accomplishments.”

William wants others to know that with hard work and determination you too can be successful. “Figure out what you want to do. Even if you fail at something, you can learn from it. Don’t get discouraged—find something that you enjoy and pursue it!”

For more information about the Information Technology degrees at SCC (IT-Business Support, IT-Cybersecurity, or IT-Network Management), contact Rita Chrane, SCC, Dean of Technology and Engineering, at (704) 991-0291.