New Officers Elected for SGA

SGA stands for Student Government Association and is the governing/sanctioning body for all student clubs within Stanly Community College (SCC). Every year, new officers are elected to the SGA Executive Board. These elected officers are responsible for planning student activities throughout the year and also represent the College at various community events.

The SGA Officers for this year are as follows: President – Taylor Carter; Vice President – Madison Eury; Secretary – Hannah Tucker; Treasurer – Chelsea Barber; and Public Information Officer – Megan Chapman. Advisors for SGA are Katie Furr and Marcus Pryor from the College.

The main function of the SGA is to give students the opportunity to network, engage in local and state issues affecting them, be the voice for the student body, and provide workshops for leadership training.

SGA President Taylor Carter comments, “As the Student Government Association President, I want to be the best I can be. I want the student body to know I am there for them and will do anything I can to make their experience at SCC a great one. We are the voice for students!"

SGA Officers

SCC SGA Officers pictured (left to right) Taylor Carter, Hannah Tucker, Madison Eury, Chelsea Barber and Megan Chapman.