Nurse Aides Complete Training

Students from Stanly Community College (SCC) recently completed Nurse Aide (NA) training in Level I.

The NA-I program, or beginning of the multi-skilled NA certificate program, is a 165-hour program that includes intensive lecture/lab, a clinical component and state exam preparation. Students learn patient care skills used in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and home care agencies.

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the graduate will receive a Certificate of Completion and be eligible to register for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) state exam. Upon passing the state exam, the candidate will be eligible to be listed on the North Carolina Nursing Assistant I Registry.

For more information about the Nurse Aide programs offered through Stanly Community College, contact Nurse Aide Coordinator Dana Craven, RN, at 704-991-0342.

Albemarle Day Nurse Aide

Albemarle class of Nurse Aides (left to right) front row: Alexis Tice, Luanne Seago-Bordeaux, Myriel Ines and Jennifer Lowder, RN (Instructor). Back row: Williamson Louis, Sarah Seifert, Madison Huneycutt, Sharona Sharif and Javon Thompson.

Locust Day Nurse Aide

Locust Day class of Nurse Aides (left to right) front row: Elizabeth Huneycutt, Brittany Trull, Cierra Young and Nancy Murr, RN (Instructor). Back row: Angel Lammonds, Kristen Overmars, Jazzmin Wright and Jeffrey Cunningham.

Locust Evening Nurse Aide

Locust Evening class of Nurse Aides (left to right) front row: Ramona Peterson, RN (Instructor), Wanda McCarver, Megan Reece and Melissa Shaver. Middle row: Kendall Brack, Devin Shankle and Nora-Kathryn Laughter. Back row: Rebekah Bowman, Kristin Clardy, Chisa Meadows and Lauren Hartsell.

Hybrid Class Nurse Aide

Hybrid class of Nurse Aides (left to right) front row: Kelly Griffin, Whitney Payne, Cynthia Cha and Angela Heiser. Middle row: Kaitlynn Smith, Justin McClellan and Hannah Dykes. Back row: Christina Lipke, Ashley Armstrong, Mary Parsons and Gaylyn Quesenberry (Instructor).