SCC Announces Faculty of the Year

Stanly Community College (SCC) has named David Nichols as recipient of the 2016 Faculty of the Year Award. Mr. Nichols was chosen for this award by his peers at the College based on outstanding dedication and exceptional skills as an instructor.

Mr. Nichols worked as a utilities director before joining SCC in 2013, where he serves as a Chemistry Instructor and Laboratory Safety Coordinator. Other occupations in his career include a Product Development Laboratory Manager for Chemtex Laboratories and a Forensic Drug Chemist II/Special Agent for the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

After earning his Bachelor of Science from California Institute of Technology, Mr. Nichols continued his education obtaining a Master of Philosophy in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Chemistry, both from Columbia University. He holds a Manager of Environmental Safety and Health certification and has completed specialized Environmental Engineering training.

As the honoree for Stanly Community College, Mr. Nichols serves as the nominee for the Excellence in Teaching Award for the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS). This award provides statewide recognition of faculty members who exemplify the highest quality and standards of instruction throughout the NCCCS.

David Nichols

Mr. David Nichols has been selected for the 2016 Faculty of the Year Award for Stanly Community College.