SCC awarded Wells Fargo Grant

Stanly Community College (SCC) was recently awarded a $5,000 grant by Wells Fargo that focuses on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. These monies will provide SCC’s Small Business Center the opportunity to increase its efforts to foster entrepreneurial development by funding a business competition similar to the reality television show, Shark Tank.

Each local high school, homeschool association, and students of SCC will be invited to partake in this event, which will celebrate the entrepreneurial creativity of participants. Over the course of the academic year, college and high school students will prepare for the Shark-Tank-style competition. The intent of the competition is to foster community engagement in entrepreneurship.

Prior to the event, the Director of Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development at SCC will visit classrooms to spark students’ interest. All participants in the competition will be offered mentorship by SCC faculty and staff. Complementary business seminars on topics such as “How to Start a Business,” “How to Write a Business Plan,” “How to Find Your Customers,” and “Marketing Your Business” will also be offered free of charge.

The competition will be held in the spring of 2018. Prizes will be awarded in both the high school and college categories with first prize consisting of a $1,250 scholarship to SCC, second prize a $625 scholarship, and third prize a $300 scholarship.