SCC Cosmetology Students Complete Training

Cosmetology Picture

Cosmetology Technology graduates from left to right, front row: Amber Godwin (Wingate), Bethanie Hagler (Norwood),
Brianna Harris (Oakboro), Katie Magarahan (Norwood), Abby Godwin (Stanfield), and Patricia Hoelldobler (Indian Trail).
Back row: Megan Couret (Waxhaw), Jenna Shelley (Indian Trail), Keuna Drake (Mt. Gilead), Bristol Hill (Indian Trail), Paige Dinkins (Monroe),
Jessica Purser (Monroe), Memory Allen (Monroe), Amber Ivester (Charlotte), Wyshea Leake (Albemarle), Haley Efird (Stanfield),
and Tanisis Kepp (Albemarle).


Students in the Cosmetology program at Stanly Community College (SCC) have completed their training and 1,500 contact hours. They are now able to take the State Board of Cosmetic Arts examination, and upon successfully passing, will become licensed cosmetologists in the state of North Carolina. Once licensed, students will be able to pursue employment opportunities in beauty salons and other related businesses.

Coursework for this program includes instruction in all phases of professional imaging, hair design, chemical processes, skin care, nail care, multicultural practices, business/computer principles, product knowledge, and other selected topics.

High school students can also enroll in Cosmetology classes through the Career and College Promise program. These classes are tuition-free and offered on the Albemarle campus at the Morton-Moffitt Cosmetology Center (MMCC).

The MMCC offers affordable salon services to the public. All services are performed by students and supervised by instructors.

For a complete list of services and prices, call (704) 982-3304. For more information, or to register for Cosmetology classes, please call David Smith at (704) 991-0376.