SCC Human Services Program works on Suicide Prevention

Stanly Community College's (SCC) Human Services Program is helping in an effort to raise suicide awareness in Stanly County. Their mission is to spread the word in Stanly County about suicide and the importance of talking about this serious subject.

According to Stanly County Suicide Prevention Task Force, "...Stanly County ranks sixteenth in the state of North Carolina (out of 100 counties statewide) for suicide completion." The Task Force further states that, "...while this number is staggering, even horrifying, there is the very real possibility that our county's official 16th ranking in this disturbing category could be even more alarming. According to local law enforcement officials, many deaths in Stanly County that are suspected suicide, cannot officially be identified as such if a death investigation cannot determine that a deceased individual specifically intended to end his or her life or if the death was accidental or the result of some negligent behavior or circumstances."

Recently, SCC Human Services Program Head, Kara Finch, joined the Suicide Prevention Task Force for Stanly County. According to Kara, "Suicide is an affliction that affects not only loved ones but entire communities. I am looking forward to working on this task force and utilizing the resources of SCC faculty and students to help diminish this common burden."

Ms. Finch is a graduate of SCC with an Associate of Applied Science in Human Services & Substance Abuse Certificate. Additionally, in furthering her education, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Human Services at Gardner Webb University and Master of Arts in Gerontology at UNC Charlotte.

For additional information on the Stanly County Suicide Prevention Task Force, please contact the Task Force coordinator, John Giampaolo at 704-721-7065. For additional information on the Human Services Program at SCC, contact Kara Finch at 704-991-0338.