SCC Phi Beta Lambda Welcomes New College President

Dr. John D. Enamait, the new president of Stanly Community College (SCC), has been welcomed by the College's Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) chapter with a donation to the group's state scholarship fund in his honor. Presenting Dr. Enamait with a certificate commemorating the donation was newly-elected PBL president, Amy Ray, a student in the Business Administration curriculum.

Chapters, individuals, and corporate sponsors contribute to the scholarship fund, operated through the North Carolina PBL Foundation, Inc. Each year, two scholarships are given to outstanding PBL members in the state based on their potential as leaders in their local chapters and at the state level, their academic performance, and their financial plan for completing their educational goals.

In 2015, Katrina Sams from SCC was one of the recipients, and in 2016, Jesse Print from Pfeiffer University was honored. The 2016-2017 recipient will be announced following interviews at the state PBL Fall Leadership Development Conference in November.

Three former SCC chapter presidents who went on to be elected as state PBL presidents serve on the Foundation's Board of Directors. Rick Gardner, the 1985 state president who holds a management position at the Food Lion corporate offices, was recently elected as chair of the Foundation Board. Also serving are Carolyn Rabon Laudati and John Anderson.

"It is our pleasure as one of SCC's student organizations to honor Dr. Enamait as he begins his presidency," commented Ms. Ray. "Our chapter is always one of the first to make a donation to the state PBL Foundation's scholarship fund and we thought this was a student-oriented way to welcome him to the campus."

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc., is celebrating its 75th Anniversary as a national organization. The Stanly Community College chapter was chartered in 1974, and SCC students have consistently won competitive events and held leadership positions in the PBL collegiate level.

Dr. John D. Enamait and Amy Ray

Newly-elected Phi Beta Lambda President Amy Ray (right) welcomed Stanly Community College's new president, Dr. John D. Enamait (left), by announcing that the business student organization had made its annual donation to the North Carolina Phi Beta Lambda Foundation Scholarship Fund in his honor.