SCC Students Complete Nurse Aide Training

Stanly Community College (SCC) students from Albemarle campus and Crutchfield Education Center have completed Nurse Aide (NA) training in Level I, Level II and the high school Career and College Promise (CCP) program.

The NA-I program, or beginning of the multi-skilled NA certificate program, is a 165-hour program that includes intensive lecture/lab, a clinical component and state exam preparation. Students learn patient care skills used in long-term care facilities, hospitals and home care agencies.

The NA-II program is the next level of direct patient care and consists of theory, lab, competency testing, and 80 hours of clinical experience in a hospital-type setting. This course is designed to provide the advanced-level nurse aide student with the fundamental nursing skills permitted by the North Carolina Board of Nursing to provide patient care services under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse.

Students from local high schools finished the Nurse Aide curriculum offered by the Career and College Promise program through the College and currently held at Albemarle High School. Upon successful completion of this program, students can apply to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) state exam. Once the students have successfully completed this exam, they will be listed on the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry.

If you would like more information about the Nurse Aide programs offered through Stanly Community College, contact Nurse Aide Coordinator Dana Craven, RN, at 704-991-0342. Please visit to see all options for nurse aide training at the College.

NA II Albemarle

NA II at Albemarle (L to R) front row: Kim Lambert, RN (Instructor), Emily Bigford, Jodie Nance, and Heather Hume. Back row: Althea Cleveland, Melissa Thomas, Brooke Russell and Stefanie Jaap.

NA II Crutchfield

NA II at Crutchfield (L to R): Karcen Bowers, Jennifer Roberts, Tammy Armstrong, RN, BSN (Instructor), Tiffany Tallent, Dawn Skene and Amanda Lary.


CCP - NA II (L to R): Helena Davis, RN, BSN (Instructor), Katherine Marks, Kayleigh Shue, Destiny Blalock, Makayla Simpson and Brenda Rincon.

NA I Albemarle Day March

NA I Albemarle Day (March) (L to R) Seated: Cora Harrison, Jennifer Lower, RN (Instructor) and Courtney Page. Standing: Jacquelyn Sasser, Tiffany Gaddy and Tyesha March.

NA I Albemarle Evening March

NA I Albemarle Evening (March) (L to R) Row 1: Gabrielle Ligas, Brittany Presley and Kayla Page. Row 2: Julie Putnam, Gloria Marshall, Anna Hurley and Olivia Deeck. Row 3: Sabrina Clark, Mykeya Eagle and Amanda Little, RN (Instructor).

NA I Crutchfield Day March

NA I Crutchfield Day (March) (L to R) Row 1: Andrea Coria, Bevely Smetzer, Hnou Lee and Jessica Lassiter. Row 2: Hannah Kelly, Sharon Sneed, Yasmin Ortiz-Portillo and Chrystal Love. Row 3: Denise Niles, RN (Instructor).

NA I Crutchfield Evening March

NA I Crutchfield Evening (March) (L to R) Row 1: Ramona Peterson, RN (Instructor), Breanna Weishaupt, Amanda Villanti and Holly Shaver. Row 2: Desiree McDonald, Susan Strawn, Nicole Hartsell, Miranda Brown and Caitlin Pyrek.

NA I Crutchfield Evening May

NA I Crutchfield Evening (May) (L to R) Row 1: Jenny Mabry, Samantha Mesquita, Taylor Barnhardt and Nancy Murr, RN (Instructor). Row 2: Heather Purser, Tracy Blake, Amanda Johnson and Elvira McCall.

NA I Crutchfield Day May

NA I Crutchfield Day (May) (L to R) Seated: Galen Sanderson and Colleen D. Sturgis. Standing: Jenelle Williams, Felicia A. Black, Rachael Adams and Stephanie Cokeley. Not pictured: Denise Niles, RN (Instructor).

NA I Albemarle Day

NA I Albemarle Day (May) (L to R) Row 1: Kaylan Roland, Holly Loflin, Mary Tinger and Jeannie Lewis.
Row 2: Michele C. Boone, Sarah Burr, Samantha Gilbert and Jennifer Lower, RN (Instructor).
Row 3: Brandon Brock, Jacob Morris and Jesi Parker.

NA I Albemarle Evening

NA I Albemarle Evening (May) (L to R): Caleb Burris, Shannon Woods, Sara Little, Abby Perdue, Alisha Reynolds and Amanda Little, RN (Instructor).


Career & College Promise NA I (L to R) Row 1: Jacqueline Vargas, Briana Sellars, Esmeralda Vera, Katie Owens and Helena Davis RN, BSN (Instructor). Row 2: Lindsey Hoffman and Taylor Hatley.

CCP NA I Group 2

Career & College Promise NA I (L to R) first row: Isabella Almond, Imani Pankey, Ashelyn Murphy and Kelsey Salmon. Row 2: Shelby Oliver, Ashlyn Whitley, Ashley Burleson and Madison Crayton. Row 3: Tara King, Olivia Hudson and Michaela Kluttz. Not pictured: Megan Hatley, Hannah Lawing, Mandy Little, RN (Instructor) and Jana Teal, RN (Instructor).