SCC Students Complete Nurse Aide Training

Students from Stanly Community College (SCC) recently completed the Nurse Aide (NA) training in Level-I and Level-II. NA Level-I program, or beginning of the multi-skilled NA certificate program, is a 165-hour program that includes intensive lecture/lab, a clinical component and state exam preparation. Students learn patient care skills used in long-term care facilities, hospitals and home care agencies.

The NA Level-II program is the next level of direct patient care and consists of theory, lab, competency testing, and 80 hours of clinical experience in a hospital-type setting. This course is designed to provide the advanced-level nurse aide student with the fundamental nursing skills permitted by the North Carolina Board of Nursing to provide patient care services under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse.

The NA Level I Hybrid course consists of online theory, on-campus lab on Fridays, and Sunday clinical experience at a long-term care facility. In this course, students learn how to provide personal care and basic nursing skills such as checking vital signs, bed-making, bathing, dressing, feeding, ambulating, and transferring, which will prepare them to provide safe and competent care to the elderly in a variety of settings.

For more information regarding the Nurse Aide programs at Stanly Community College, contact Dana Craven, NA Coordinator and Instructor at (704) 991-0342 or, or visit the College’s website at


NAI Albemarle Evening - Wed & Thurs

NA I Albemarle evening class meeting Wednesdays and Thursday.
Pictured left to right, front row: Roxanne Crisco (Albemarle), Misty Morgan (Albemarle), Jasmine Martin (Locust),
Rebecca O’Donohue (Matthews), and Myisha Clark (Albemarle).
Back row: Robin Rogers, RN (instructor), Adam Slaughter (Albemarle), Carrianne Brewster (New London), and Meredith Manson (Misenheimer).


NAI Albemarle Evening - Wed & Thurs

NA I Albemarle evening class meeting Mondays and Tuesdays.
Pictured left to right, front row: Shelby Morales (Albemarle), Alyssa Fink (Norwood), Xiaxieng Vangkue (Norwood), and Mattie Summers (Locust).
Back row: Tessa Hartsell, RN (instructor), Kaitlyn Massey (Albemarle), Hannah Helms (Albemarle), Izarel Andrade (Concord),
and Kalena Lee (Concord).


NAI Hybrid Class

NA I Hybrid Class.
Pictured left to right, front row: Elizabeth Fultz (Oakboro), Mary Dickey (Charlotte), and Savannah Hartsell (Albemarle).
Back row: Gaylyn Quesenberry, RN (instructor), Lainey Taylor (Albemarle), Amanda Almond (Albemarle),
Tiffany Scarlett (Albemarle), and Nicole Watkins (Troy). 


NAII Albemarle Evening - Mon & Wed

NA II Albemarle class meeting Mondays and Wednesdays.
Pictured from left to right: Nerissa Miller (Mount Gilead), Kaitlin Furr (Albemarle), Kalyn Beeker (Gold Hill), Kristi Cockman (Locust),
Cecilia Veneroso (Monroe), Shankea Johnson (Morven), Lataya Sturdivant (Wadesboro), and Rosalyn Sloan, RN (instructor).


NAI Albemarle Morning - Wed & Thurs

NA I Albemarle morning class meeting Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Pictured left to right: Nancy Murr, RN (instructor), Crystal James (Statesville), Joy Gaddy (Wadesboro),
Cassidy Austin (Mount Gilead), and Brittany Smith (Albemarle).


NAI Locust - Mon & Tues

NA I Locust morning class meeting Mondays and Tuesdays.
Pictured left to right, front row: Teresa Campbell (Mount Pleasant), Sara Ross (Charlotte), Taylor Helms (Marshville),
Justin Wairimi (Midland), and Skyler Barbee (Locust).
Back row: Megan Schrimpsher (Locust), Breanna Swaringen (Albemarle), Madison Bradley (Monroe), Gabrielle Light (Midland),
and Nancy Murr, RN (instructor).