SCC Welding Students Secure Metal Fabricator Positions with PLP

SCC Welding Students Secure Metal Fabricator Positions with PLP

George Brown, Logan Belk, and Ivey Lee Mabe

Three of SCC’s Welding Students have successfully secured full-time employment at PLP as Metal Fabricators and
will be finishing up their Welding program this summer. Left to right: George Brown, Logan Belk and Ivey Lee Mabe.

Three very talented welding students at Stanly Community College (SCC) were able to secure full-time employment as metal fabricators at Preformed Lined Products (PLP) in Albemarle, while still attending classes. Logan Belk and George Brown will graduate this summer from the Welding program at SCC. Both students were chosen to participate in the Pre-Apprenticeship program that began last year with PLP.

The Pre-Apprenticeship program teaches students technical and job-readiness skills that help support the probability of employment. It has been recognized that a practical and sound method of preparing workers for employment in skilled occupations is through formalized training, which provides for employment and training under actual job conditions supervised by qualified workers and at wages equal with the trainee’s skill.

John Ziebarth, Plant Manager, Preformed Lined Products, noted, “We are very pleased with the establishment of the Pre-Apprentice program through Stanly Community College. The program has proven itself to be highly effective in meeting PLP’s unique technical needs while also allowing the students to gain a feel for us as a company and potential future employer. Both Logan Belk and George Brown recently completed their Pre-Apprentice programs and have been hired on as full-time PLP employees. Their training and skills have proven to be a great match for Preformed and we look forward to continuing to work with SCC on this key initiative going forward!”

“I decided to enroll in the Welding program my senior year of high school through Career & College Promise (CCP),” said Ivey Lee Mabe, who will also graduate this summer with a Welding Diploma. The CCP program is for high school juniors and seniors that carry a GPA of 3.0 or higher and offers students tuition-free college courses that can lead to college credits and/or certificates and job training. Ivey has already secured employment at PLP as a metal fabricator. “It feels great to have a job in the field I have chosen. I love what I do, and knowing that I’m making something of myself and preparing for a brighter future is very rewarding,” he said.

George Brown was inspired to get into welding from the FFA Welding competitions in high school and the CCP program at SCC. He admits that going to school and working full-time is a challenge, but getting paid to weld is very rewarding. "It's great to have a full-time job before graduating," he noted.

Logan Belk touts about his learning experience at SCC. “It’s a very good environment to learn in, with plenty of friendly students and staff.” Logan confesses the hardest part of the Welding program was waking up in the mornings for class. As a metal fabricator at PLP, Logan welds together gimbals, strongbacks and crossbars, among other duties, and tells us that he really enjoys what he does and is fortunate to have a solid job with a positive future. “For anyone that is thinking about coming to SCC to learn welding, just do it, you won’t be sorry.”

EMSI, a CareerBuilder Company, recently reported that welders in this region can earn an income of $16.48/HR (medium hourly earnings) and that by the year 2020 there will be nearly 360 jobs available.

For more information about the Welding Programs at Stanly Community College, contact William Beaver at (704) 991-0383 or For information regarding the Apprenticeship Programs at SCC, contact Marion Kinley, Director of Economic Development, at (704) 991-0234 or