Scholarship Orientation Held for Students at SCC

Stanly Community College (SCC) held its annual scholarship orientation event for students on Tuesday, August 6 and Tuesday, August 13, on the Albemarle campus, Snyder Building, Library. Both the Heritage Scholarship and the 21st Century Scholarship recipients were present for the event. Dr. Davis Fort, who founded the 21st Century Scholars program at SCC, was also present.

Dr. John Enamait, President, Stanly Community College, welcomed the scholars and guests, and encouraged the students to study hard, but also to enjoy their educational journey. Jeania Martin, Executive Director, Stanly Community College Foundation, and Jessica Smith, Foundation Operations and Grant Coordinator, presented information to the students regarding the scholarship programs, history of the Foundation, and Foundation donors. Petra Fields, Dean of Director of Financial Aid Management, and Melissa Preslar, Financial Aid Associate I, talked with the students about the technical requirements and maintaining eligibility for their scholarships.

The 21st Century Scholars program at SCC began in 1997 through the generosity of Dr. Davis Fort. The program is a joint effort between SCC and the Stanly County School system. It provides incentives in the form of scholarships to select rising ninth grade students. The scholarships are two-year, full tuition awards to Stanly Community College and awarded upon graduation from high school. The program is loosely modeled after the scholarship initiative begun by philanthropist Eugene Lang for Harlem, New York youth. The Lang Scholarship program was implemented with the sole purpose of instilling in young people the personal belief that they could obtain an education and achieve a successful career if they would stay in school, stay off drugs, make good grades and graduate from high school.

The trustees, Foundation Board, faculty, and staff at Stanly Community College have made a commitment to make a significant difference in the lives of young people living in Stanly County.

Jeania Martin, Executive Director, SCC Foundation, commented, “We are truly thankful for the generous support we receive from our donors. Their kindness and advocacy helps hundreds of individuals from Stanly County reach for a better life through post-secondary education. We appreciate our donors and all they do to support our students and the College.”

For questions concerning scholarships, please feel free to contact Melissa Preslar at (704) 991-0115 or To become a Foundation donor, please contact Jeania Martin at (704) 991-0370 or



Pictured (not in order) are the 21st Century Scholars. Drake Capra, Haley Pickering, Kaylin Patterson, Devin Green, Naja Strayhorn, Nisha Quick, Breanna Bowers, Samantha Jackson, and Jonathan Casiano.



2019-2020 Heritage Scholars from left to right, front row: Megan Carpenter, Tyreke Watkins, Jalen Long, Lakeithia Jenkins, Britney Hilton,
Brandy Almond, Angelica Meyer, Angelina Parks, and Jessica Wood. Back row: Paula Jarek, Ka Lee, Grace Benfield, Antonia Alessi, Rylee Linnell, Crystal Tucker, Ashleigh Thomas, Kurtavia Burton, Jessica McRae, Joshua Gardner, Peyton Hill, Amber Bingham, Joy Sharpe, and Betsy Whitlow.



2019-2020 Heritage Scholars from left to right, first row: Joanne Ines, Anna Fiscus, Samantha Carter, and Sydney Burnette.
Second row: Lindsay Lalor, Hannah Ross, Makayla Poplin, Hope Doby, and Monica Barnhill. Third row: Jennifer Myers, Carrie Swaringen,
Emily Myers, and Randy Mullins. Fourth row: Jacqueline Brown, Erica Osborne, Dorothy Brown, and Erica Reep. Fifth row: Billy Linville,
Amber Ervin, Elaine Eudy, and Sasha Queen. Sixth row: Rodney Mobley, Bailey Poole, Avery Tedder, and Hunter Medlin.



Pictured from left to right: Jessica Smith, Dr. Davis Fort, and Jeania Martin.