South Stanly High School Takes Home Electronics Blast Championship

High school students assembled from North, South, and West Stanly High Schools to Stanly Community College’s (SCC) main campus for a day of electronics competition during the 17th Annual Electronics Blast on April 15, sponsored by SCC’s Networking Academy.

The Electronics Blast is a local competition designed with three skill levels preparing high school electronics students for state competition. Through collaboration with Stanly County Schools, SCC offers area high school students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a college setting and offers the student exposure to the Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Networking and Biomedical Equipment Technology Programs.

The competition involves a 100-question written exam and a hands-on practical where the students build an electronic soldering project, breadboard circuit, and perform circuit measurements using oscilloscopes and digital multimeters.

The high school winning the competition takes home the championship trophy and the students testing the highest in each of the three levels take home a championship medal. All participating students received an Annual Electronics Blast T-shirt for their efforts.

During the recognition of awards ceremony, Merlin Amirtharaj, Associate Vice President, Business and Technology at SCC, welcomed the guests and gave opening remarks. Jeff Swaringen, SCC Instructor, Electronics Engineering Technology/CAD, was the master of ceremony, and Brian Crump, SCC Program Head, Networking Technology/Cisco Networking Academy, presented the awards.

Jeff Swaringen commented, “Students love to compete in the SCC Electronics Blast and they take pride in doing their best and supporting their schools. The SCC Electronics Blast is a great way to kindle interest in STEM careers and provide Stanly County students with exposure to some of the skills STEM careers require. It also allows SCC to demonstrate to these students that STEM training is not some foreign concept but an achievable goal that is available in their own backyard.”

The 2016 Electronics Blast Championship Trophy went to South Stanly High School. A special thanks to high school electronics instructors: Kathy Johnson | NSHS, Bill Sorenson | SSHS, Adam Storms | WSHS, and the SCC Engineering instructors: Gary Hatley, Dan Parmer, Jeff Swaringen, Sonny Richards, Kelly Caudle, Ken Rummage and Brian Crump.

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Level I

Jeff Swaringen (left) and Brian Crump (right) are pictured with Level I winners that include: (L-R) First place|Levi Carpenter|SSHS, second place | Hunter Roark | WSHS, third place | Eric DeWall | WSHS, fourth place | Dakota Thompson | WSHS and fifth place | Jackson Matthews | WSHS.

Level II

Jeff Swaringen (left) and Brian Crump (right) are pictured with Level II winners that include: (L-R) First place | Jeremiah Blayton | SSHS, second place | Sam Coley | SSHS, third place | Justin Hatley | SSHS and fourth place | Justin Addison | NSHS.

Level III

Jeff Swaringen (left) and Brian Crump (right) are pictured with Level III winners that include: (L-R) First place | Ryan Hittepole | NSHS, second place | Tyler Pegram | NSHS, third place | Bailey Shinn | WSHS, fourth place | Harris Elder | SSHS and fifth place | Jacob Smith | SSHS.

Electronics Blast Champion

South Stanly High School took home the 2016 Electronics Blast Championship Trophy. Jeff Swaringen (left) and Brian Crump (right) are pictured with South Stanly High School Electronics Instructor Bill Sorenson (middle) with South Stanly High School electronic students: (L-R) Justin Hatley | Harris Elder | Jacob Smith | Levi Carpenter | Jeremiah Blayton and Sam Coley.