Starting at SCC Leads to Doctorate and Rewarding Career

Starting at SCC Leads to Doctorate and Rewarding Career

Cesar Aviles

A community college education can be a great starting place for students prior to entering a university. This was the case with Cesar Aviles, who came to Stanly Community College (SCC) with limited English skills. Cesar spent a year at SCC prior to transferring to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In that time, he was able to gain the experience of learning English while completing a successful year of coursework under the Associate in Science program. Cesar believes that the time he spent at SCC was very valuable. According to Cesar, “I was given an excellent and inexpensive education. Most importantly, I was given one-on-one help from many of my instructors including my Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Robin McCree, who took the time to help me understand the course content given the language barriers.”

Cesar took advantage of this opportunity by earning a Presidential Scholarship at SCC and advancing his education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor's and master's degree in Nursing. Furthering his education, Cesar recently finished his Doctor of Nursing Practice at Duke University and was selected as the Duke University Scholars Program Fellow.

Dr. Aviles’ hard work has paid off. He is now a Chief Nurse Practitioner in Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at Carolinas Medical Center - Main.

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