Students Inducted into PTK Honor Society

On Tuesday, April 4, Stanly Community College (SCC) held its annual induction ceremony for the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society, Alpha Psi Upsilon Chapter. This year, 53 students were eligible for membership into this prestigious society. PTK was established in 1918 and is the largest honor society in American higher education with over two million members and 1,200 chapters located worldwide. The society awards numerous scholarships and promotes networking among members and opportunities to demonstrate excellence in a variety of formats such as PTK honors programs, leadership conferences and annual conventions.

PTK Advisor Tanya Nicks began the ceremony by welcoming family, friends, and guests. PTK Chapter President Kattie Pearson gave opening remarks and introduced SCC President Dr. John Enamait, who was the guest speaker for the induction ceremony. PTK Inductee Jenna Joyner and PTK Advisor Tamara Maness were also part of the ceremony.

The Alpha Psi Upsilon Chapter was chartered in 1993 to recognize outstanding academic accomplishments and encourage scholarships among two-year college students. In order to become a member, students must earn a 3.75 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and must have completed at least 15 semester hours of credit toward an associate degree. Students must also keep a 3.50 GPA to adhere to eligibility requirements. Only 10 percent or less of the entire student population achieve such high standards.

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is a highly coveted honor that will enrich the student’s life while attending Stanly Community College and will remain a notable part of his or her professional life as he or she pursues further educational and career goals. In addition, each member will have the honor to wear the Phi Theta Kappa gold stole and tassel during graduation ceremonies. Students will also have the gold seal on their diploma and will receive notation of membership applied to their transcripts.

For more information about Phi Theta Kappa, please contact Tanya Nicks at (704) 991-0290 or Tamara Maness at (704) 991-0286.

PTK Inductees

Pictured are some of the 2017 PTK inductees (left to right) front row: Rhianna Finney, Kimberly Griffin, Shana Poole, Kattie Pearson (PTK President), Angela Brown, Letricia Whitley, Cindy Alley, Jordan Hardman, Amber McIlwaine, and Jennifer West. Middle row: Miles Shen, Denise Perez-Viveros, Sophia Stoehrer, Casie Hamilton, Lindsay Vanhoy, Lyric Townsend, Jenna Joyner, Braidyn Davis, and Jasmine Glaze-Cruz. Back row: Matthew Flanagan, Ty Dowdy, Kaprece Overton, David Decker, Michael Finney, Cindy Rinehart, Shaevonne Moore, Logan Scott, Alex Sloop, and Laton Hatley.