Teaching Young Minds is Rewarding in Many Ways

Teaching Young Minds is Rewarding in Many Ways

Tana Isenhour

Tana Isenhour serves as Director of The Goddard School - Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC.

"Children have a way of making every day a good day," states Tana Isenhour, Director of The Goddard School - Ballantyne. Ms. Isenhour feels that she owes much of her success in the Early Childhood Development business to Ms. Cyndie Osborne, Online Coordinator for the Early Childhood Education department at Stanly Community College (SCC).

Tana Isenhour first met Ms. Osborne 17 years ago when she knocked on the door of the home childcare operated by Ms. Isenhour. At this time, Ms. Osborne worked as a Licensing Consultant with the Division of Child Development.

"I was a single mother and keeping children was a source of income for me, "commented Ms. Isenhour. "I didn't even realize I was running a childcare facility - it just happened because word spread around my neighborhood. I was unaware of any rules or restrictions."

Ms. Osborne politely explained the requirements of operating a childcare facility out of one's home. After numerous calls and many trips to City Hall, Ms. Isenhour was owner of an Authorized Center in a Residence in less than a month.

Skip ahead a few months to Ms. Isenhour's next step. She wanted to take courses to qualify as a lead teacher for North Carolina. After pursuing online classes at another institution, she was dissatisfied and then looked at the Early Childhood program at SCC. Ironically, Ms. Osborne was now the contact person for exactly what she was looking for - quality online classes from a reputable curriculum.

"The online class structure was top-notch," stated Tana. "The instructors were most helpful. It was the instructors at SCC, especially Cyndie that led me to my love of learning in the early childhood field."

Tana Isenhour earned an Associate Degree in Early Education from SCC in 2008 with the financial assistance from a TEACH (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education) scholarship. She then graduated with honors from Western Carolina in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Birth to Kindergarten. Continuing her educational journey, Ms. Isenhour has recently earned a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Studies with a Specialization in Adult Education.

As Director of Education at Goddard School, she is responsible for the curriculum structure at the school. She also hires the teachers and educates them on lesson plan building and curriculum development. Ms. Isenhour feels that the most challenging part of her job is recruiting and retaining qualified teachers.

When asked about the most rewarding part of her career, Ms. Isenhour comments, "Watching teachers grow in their career is fulfilling. But watching a child who starts in the infant room evolve five years later when they discover they can read is just remarkable especially the look on their faces when they realize, "I really did read, didn't I."

"It is successful students like Tana that make us proud," commented Ms. Osborne. "We love knowing that in some way, our program here at the College has paved a desirable career and better life for people like Tana. She has worked hard at her education and we are honored it all started here."

For more information on the Early Childhood program at SCC, please visit www.stanly.edu.

Cyndie Osborne and Tana Isenhour

Cyndie Osborne (left) poses with Tana Isenhour (right). Ms. Isenhour is the subject of an Early Childhood Student Success story.