YMCA and SCC Align to Provide Educational Opportunities for Students

Dr. John Enamait & George Crooker

Dr. John Enamait (left) shakes hands with George Crooker as they officially announce the partnership between the Stanly County YMCA and Stanly Community College. The alliance will benefit students and employees at Stanly Community College.


Stanly Community College (SCC) and the Stanly County YMCA have formed a partnership to benefit SCC students and employees. The alliance will provide SCC much needed access to physical education space not available at SCC facilities. Beginning in August, students at the College and at Stanly Early College High School will enjoy courses with access to open-space physical education classrooms and a fitness equipment classroom at the YMCA. SCC faculty are currently developing the curricula for expanding continuing education options to make the best use of this opportunity. The College is exploring using this space for extracurricular activities for students as well. Additionally, this partnership will provide SCC students enrolled full-time during the fall and spring semesters (2019 and 2020 semesters, respectively) with membership at the Stanly County Family YMCA. The agreement will also allow SCC to launch an incentive wellness program for SCC full-time employees.

“Stanly Community College is proud to join together with the Stanly County Family YMCA to help improve students’ and employees’ health and well-being,” noted Dr. Enamait, President, Stanly Community College. “The YMCA will provide much needed space to teach SCC classes relative to Physical Education courses, Continuing Education programs, and student intramural activities,” Enamait added. “Additionally, we know the positive effects that exercise has on students’ academic behavior and want to provide a resource to promote a healthy lifestyle for both students and employees.”

George Crooker, Chief Executive Officer, YMCA, stated, “The Board of Directors and staff of the Stanly County Family YMCA are very excited about the new partnership with Stanly Community College. There is no limit to what we can accomplish towards healthy living, youth development and social responsibility goals for our community.”

As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Healthy Students Are Better Learners, (www.cdc.gov) “Research shows a strong connection between healthy behaviors and academic achievement (e.g., grades, standardized tests, graduation rates, attendance). Healthy students are better learners, and academic achievement bears a lifetime of benefits for health.” Moreover, exercise improves memory retention, stimulates brain cell development, and relieves stress.  

To take advantage of the student membership opportunity, full-time students should contact Stephanie Campbell, Membership Engagement Director, Stanly County Family YMCA, at (704) 982-1916 or scampbell@stanlyymca.org. Employees will need to fill out a membership voucher form and contact SCC’s Human Resources Department.