Curriculum Courses

The list below shows college credit courses that are now open for registration.

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Upcoming Courses
CoursesStart DateDay(s)Status
ACA-111-950C - College Student SuccessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ACA-111-950H - College Student SuccessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ACA-111-951A - College Student SuccessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ACA-111-951B - College Student SuccessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ACA-111-951T - College Student SuccessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ACA-122-952E - College Transfer SuccessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ACA-122-954 - College Transfer SuccessFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ACA-122-955 - College Transfer SuccessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ACC-122-950 - Principles of Financial Accounting IIFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ACC-140-950 - Payroll AccountingFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ACC-220-950 - Intermediate Accounting IFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
AGR-121-950 - Biological Pest ManagementMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
AGR-130-950 - Alternative Ag ProductionFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
AGR-160-950 - Plant ScienceFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
AGR-170-950 - Soil ScienceFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
AGR-212-950 - Farm Business ManagementFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
AGR-213-950 - Agricultural Law & FinanceMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
AHR-114-900 - Heat Pump TechnologyMarch 3rd, 2020M T WOpen
AHR-114-901 - Heat Pump TechnologyMarch 9th, 2020M T W TH FOpen
ART-111-950 - Art AppreciationFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ART-111-956 - Art AppreciationFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
AUB-112-900 - Painting & Refinishing IIMarch 3rd, 2020M T W THOpen
AUB-114-900 - Special FinishesMarch 3rd, 2020M WOpen
AUB-150-900 - Automotive DetailingMarch 3rd, 2020T THOpen
BPR-130-900 - Print Reading-ConstructionFebruary 6th, 2020THOpen
BUS-110-951 - Introduction to BusinessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
BUS-115-951 - Business Law IMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
BUS-137-951 - Principles of ManagementMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
BUS-137-952 - Principles of ManagementFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
BUS-151-950 - People SkillsMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
CHM-090-951 - Chemistry ConceptsFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
CIS-110-956 - Introduction to ComputersFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
CIS-110-958 - Introduction to ComputersMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
CJC-111-951 - Introduction to Criminal JusticeFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
CJC-111-952 - Introduction to Criminal JusticeMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
CJC-112-951 - CriminologyMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
CJC-141-950 - CorrectionsMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineWaitlisted
CJC-141-951 - CorrectionsMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
CJC-221-950 - Investigative PrinciplesMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
COM-120-950 - Intro to Interpersonal CommunicationFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineWaitlisted
COS-111BB-550 - Cosmetology Concepts I-BBFebruary 14th, 2020FOpen
COS-112BB-550 - Salon I - BBFebruary 21st, 2020FOpen
COS-115-550 - Cosmetology Concepts IIIFebruary 26th, 2020M T W TH FOpen
COS-116-550 - Salon IIIMarch 23rd, 2020M T W TH FOpen
COS-223-010 - Contemp Hair ColoringApril 24th, 2020T W TH FOpen
COS-240-010 - Contemporary DesignApril 24th, 2020T W TH FOpen
COS-240-550 - Contemporary DesignApril 29th, 2020WOpen
COS-272-010 - Instructor Practicum IFebruary 12th, 2020T W TH FOpen
ECO-252-951 - Principles of MacroeconomicsFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-119-954 - Introduction to Early Childhood EducationFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-119-956 - Introduction to Early Childhood EducationMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-119-957 - Introduction to Early Childhood EducationMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-131-956 - Child, Family, and CommunityMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-144-956 - Child Development IMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-146-950 - Child GuidanceFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-146-956 - Child GuidanceMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-151-956 - Creative ActivitiesMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-157-956 - Active PlayMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-216-956 - Foundations of EducationMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-234-956 - Infants, Toddlers, and TwosMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-259-956 - Curriculum PlanningMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-261-956 - Early Childhood Administration IMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EDU-262-956 - Early Childhood Administration IIMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
EMS-122-810 - EMS Clinical Practicum IMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-101-900 - Applied Communications IMarch 3rd, 2020T THOpen
ENG-111-955 - Writing and InquiryFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-111-958 - Writing and InquiryMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-112-955 - Writing and Research in the DisciplinesFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-112-956 - Writing and Research in the DisciplinesFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-112-958 - Writing and Research in the DisciplinesMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-112-959 - Writing and Research in the DisciplinesMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-125-950 - Creative Writing IFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ENG-232-950 - American Literature IIFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
ETR-210-951 - Introduction to EntrepreneurshipMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
HEA-110-951 - Personal Health/WellnessFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
HIS-111-951 - World Civilizations IFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
HIS-112-950 - World Civilizations IIFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
HIS-132-951 - American History IIFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
HIS-132-952 - American History IIFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
HSE-110-951 - Introduction to Human ServicesMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
HSE-123-950 - Interviewing TechniquesMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
HSE-210-950 - Human Services IssuesMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
HSE-227-950 - Children & Adolescents in CrisisMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
ISC-112-990 - Industrial SafetyFebruary 4th, 2020WOpen
MAC-121-900 - Introduction to CNCMarch 3rd, 2020T THOpen
MAC-152-900 - Advanced Machining CalculationsFebruary 4th, 2020T THOpen
MAC-224-900 - Advanced CNC MillingMarch 4th, 2020M WOpen
MAT-003-952 - Transition MathFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-010-951 - Math Measurement & Literacy SuFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-043-951 - Quantitative Literacy Support ClassFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-052-950 - Statistical Methods I SupportFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-071-950 - 071 Precalculus Algebra SupportFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-110-950 - Mathematical Measurement and LiteracyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-143-954 - Quantitative LiteracyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-152-951 - Statistical Methods IFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-171-951 - Precalculus AlgebraFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-171-952 - Precalculus AlgebraFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-172-951 - Precalculus TrigonometryFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MAT-263-950 - Brief CalculusFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MED-110-950 - Orientation to Medical AssistingMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
MED-120-950 - Survey of Medical TerminologyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MED-122-950 - Medical Terminology IIMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
MED-240-800 - Examining Room Procedures IIMarch 3rd, 2020MOpen
MUS-110-953 - Music AppreciationFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MUS-112-951 - Introduction to JazzFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
MUS-210-951 - History of Rock MusicMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
NAS-101-110 - Nurse Aide IJanuary 27th, 2020M T W TH FOpen
NAS-101-120 - Nurse Aide IJanuary 27th, 2020M T W TH FOpen
NET-226-950 - Routing and Switching IIMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
NUR-212-800 - Health System ConceptsMarch 3rd, 2020TH FOpen
NUR-212-800 - Health System ConceptsMarch 5th, 2020TH FFroz
PED-125-900 - Self-Defense: BeginningFebruary 5th, 2020M WOpen
PHM-132-810 - Pharmacy ClinicalMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
POL-120-951 - American GovernmentFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
POL-220-950 - International RelationsMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
PSY-150-955 - General PsychologyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
PSY-150-956 - General PsychologyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
PSY-150-957 - General PsychologyMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
PSY-231-950 - Forensic PsychologyMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
PSY-241-952 - Developmental PsychologyMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineWaitlisted
PSY-263-950 - Educational PsychologyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
PSY-281-951 - Abnormal PsychologyMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
REL-110-951 - World ReligionsMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
REL-211-950 - Introduction to Old TestamentFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
SAB-135-950 - Addictive ProcessMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
SAB-137-950 - Co-DependencyMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
SAB-210-950 - Sub Abuse CounselingMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
SAB-240-950 - Sab Issues in Client ServMarch 3rd, 2020OnlineOpen
SOC-210-954 - Introduction to SociologyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
SOC-213-951 - Sociology of the FamilyFebruary 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
WBL-112-012 - Work-Based Learning IMarch 4th, 2020OnlineOpen
WBL-115-012 - Work-Based Learning Seminar IMarch 3rd, 2020TOpen