Parking & Traffic

All drivers are expected to drive carefully, courteously, and to obey all state and College traffic regulations while on the campus. These include:

  • Observing a speed limit not to exceed 5 miles per hour in campus parking lot areas and the posted speed limit on College Drive.
  • Obeying rules regarding "Handicapped Only" parking. These spaces are to be used by persons who display a properly handicap registered vehicle deemed by the state of North Carolina.

College parking fines are $5 and may be paid in the Business Office, which is located in Room 123 of the Patterson Building. If you believe you have received a parking ticket in error, you may contact Kim Bradshaw, Chief Financial Officer, to appeal or Michael Hinson, the Director of Security. Kim Bradshaw can be located in Room 102 of the Patterson Building or by telephone at (704) 991-0206. Officer Michael Hinson can be located in Room 229C of the Patterson Building or by telephone at (704) 991-0118.

The College does not guarantee the safety of parked vehicles or their contents and is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any parked automobile or its contents.

When convenient to do so, campus officers will assist with jump-starting vehicle batteries. Due to liability issues, officers do not unlock car doors.