SCC will help you understand your options with financial aid

A college education for you or your children may be more possible than you thought. Stanly Community College (SCC) makes every effort to ensure that a student has access to an affordable, quality education. However, we realize that the cost of a community college education can still be problematic for some potential students. This is where financial aid can help.

Financial aid is defined as monetary assistance that can help you pay for college. At SCC, this can take several forms – scholarships, federal, and state grants.

Scholarships are funds provided by generous donors that help reduce or eliminate the cost of an education. The amount of each scholarship varies and may be subject to change. Scholarships are awarded on an academic year basis, and students are required to reapply each year. We currently offer a number of scholarships based on a variety of factors and criteria. You can find additional information about these scholarships at our website,

Before we talk about federal grants, let’s take a moment to define FAFSA and Pell grants. Our federal government has an application for financial aid called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known at FAFSA. The FAFSA is used to apply for Pell grants. In addition, the FAFSA is the application you fill out to qualify for state grants and scholarships. The first critical step in receiving financial aid is to complete the FAFSA; this will help determine if you (or your children) are eligible for a Pell grant.

The largest financial aid component comes in the form of Pell grants. A Pell grant is a subsidy the U.S. federal government provides for students who need it to pay for college. Pell grants are not loans and will not need to be paid back. Federal Pell grants are limited to students with financial need and who have not earned their first bachelors or higher degree. Pell grants are only available for curriculum based programs.

I speak with many students and understand that a number of families are struggling in Stanly County. According to national research, high school graduates missed out on $2.7 billion dollars in free federal assistance last year. Currently, only 44 percent of the SCC student population receive Pell grants. This means some SCC students are leaving federal Pell assistance on the table. My goal is to make sure that every student is aware of our financial aid resources at SCC.

We understand that applying for financial aid can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. Our Financial Aid Department is here to help! Please take advantage of the tools provided on our website and do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions or concerns. Note that no appointments are necessary. However, students/parents are welcome to schedule an appointment if so preferred.

For additional details about financial aid, contact our Financial Aid Department at (704) 991-0302 or

Dr. John Enamait
Stanly Community College