SCC's PBL Chapter Celebrates the National Organization’s 75th Anniversary

Stanly Community College (SCC) is a strong supporter of student organizations as a way to develop skills in our students that will help them not only become successful employees, but also leaders in their respective careers.

We want them to have strong academic training as well as capabilities in decision making, team building, group communications, and even travel – characteristics of leaders that can result in opening opportunities in management positions.

One of the campus organizations that is celebrating a special year during 2017 is Phi Beta Lambda, known around campus as PBL.

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc., is celebrating its 75th Anniversary as a national organization, and part of the commemoration has been identifying “Diamond Chapters” to be recognized at the up-coming FBLA and PBL National Leadership Conferences.

As President, I am pleased that the SCC chapter is on that prestigious list!

The chapter was chartered in the fall of 1974, joining approximately 50 other groups on university and community college campuses around the state. Eight SCC students attended the 1975 state conference and competitive events, with Lydia Almond Morris winning First Place in the Typing event and representing the state at the national competition that summer in Miami Beach, Florida.

Ms. Morris, who has worked in the offices of Britthaven Nursing Home for over 30 years, was on campus as part of SCC’s recent 45th Anniversary commemoration. She talked about the positive impact of that experience. She also reminded the group of graduates that PBL presented SCC with the first American flag that flew over the “new” campus following the 1976 move from what is now the E.E. Waddell Center to the College Drive location.

Since then, SCC students have consistently won state awards in individual and chapter competitions, which includes students from major universities, four-year public colleges, private colleges, community colleges, and private business schools.

SCC members have traveled to national meetings in such locations as San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Long Beach, Nashville, and Washington, DC. This year’s attendance in Anaheim will mark the 40th national conference that SCC students have qualified to participate in.

At the 1982 conference in Indianapolis, the Stanly chapter won First Place in the nation in all four of the chapter project events: Leadership Development, Partnership With Business, Free Enterprise Awareness, and Community Service.

The conferences involve a professional attire dress code, speakers and workshops on business and leadership, campaigns for national offices, national networking, and other activities that provide students with unique training outside the classroom.

The College is especially proud of two PBL’ers during this national anniversary year. At the April state conference, Katrina Sams was elected as state PBL president, making her the seventh SCC student to serve as state president.

A nine-person Board of Directors oversees the work of the state PBL alumni group and Foundation. Serving this year as president of that Board is Rick Gardner, a top manager at the Food Lion corporate offices who received his business training at SCC in the 1980s and then at Catawba College.

Upon coming to Stanly Community College, I soon learned that wherever I went I ran into graduates of the college who credited their success to the classroom education and the leadership training they received at SCC and in PBL and other student organizations. There’s nothing like going to a Chamber of Commerce activity and hearing President and CEO Kathy Almond talk so positively about her time at SCC, including her year as PBL president!

As FBLA, the high school level, and PBL, the collegiate level, celebrate this 75th Anniversary, SCC is proud that our chapter is at the forefront of the attention. It is a chapter with a rich history of state and national awards and accomplishments, but I believe its biggest contribution is the self-confidence and sense of potential that it has given its members over the years.

The administration and Board of Trustees is pleased to congratulate National CEO Ms. Jean Buckley on the FBLA-PBL 75th Anniversary and to call attention to what we think is the nation’s best PBL chapter!

We wish the delegates to Anaheim this month the best of luck in their competitions. SCC has the state’s entries in the Public Speaking, Hospitality Management, and Organizational Behavior, as well as the Local Chapter Annual Business Report.

We also express our appreciation to the faculty and staff who advise the numerous student groups on campus and reaffirm our commitment to providing our students with these leadership-building organizations. They are an integral part of the strong education we feel our students receive!

Dr. John Enamait
Stanly Community College