Stanly Community College Remains Focused During Transition Period

Hello, my name is Robin McCree and I am the Interim President of Stanly Community College (SCC). The Board of Trustees has honored me with this position as we transition to a new President.

In this interim, SCC will remain focused on the care and quality of our education to our students. We are dedicated to making education accessible and relevant as our economy and workforce continues to evolve. Dr. Brenda Kays was a great catalyst for many new ideas and programs at SCC. She will be sorely missed, but our plans are to continue with the initiatives we have begun during this time of transition.

Our Cosmetology Center construction continues in spite of all the inclement weather over the past several weeks. We are still targeting a completion date of summer. Phase II of our Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (AMIT) Center has commenced. This project will further the scope of AMIT offerings by including:

  • Electronics/PLC classes
  • Industrial Automation/Maintenance classes
  • Flexible lab space for customized industry training
  • Heavy Equipment classroom/simulator
  • Multipurpose classroom

I also want to update you on our Presidential Search. The Board of Trustees has retained the services of a consultant and are now in the process of doing their due diligence. You may have read about, or participated in, a series of forums for students, employees and the general public. This was a way for the Board of Trustees to solicit suggestions, needs and recommendations that will help them understand what qualifications are important to our community. Based on this community input and the Board of Trustees’ priorities, they have created a presidential profile for SCC. You can see the profile at this link:

The next step is to solicit applications by March 20th. The Board of Trustees will then identify the most qualified candidates and conduct personal interviews. There will be more details available at that time. Hopefully, we should have a decision sometime this summer.

We are at a transitional time at Stanly Community College, but I am excited about the future. Our faculty and staff are dedicated public servants focused on students and committed to providing the best higher education that is available. If you have any questions about this transition period, feel free to contact me at 704-991-0252 or

Robin McCree
Interim President
Stanly Community College

Robin McCree