COVID-19 Update 1

(Last updated: March 12, 2020)

The U.S. Surgeon General suggests this method to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (Link to video)

Stanly Community College (SCC) is closely monitoring news and information related to COVID-19, the worldwide illness caused by a coronavirus. Stanly County has no known cases of COVID-19, but the college administration is in regular contact with the Stanly County Health Department and other health officials to take precautions to protect our students, faculty, and staff.

First, in our effort to keep our college free from the coronavirus, it is important for each of us to commit not to infringe on anyone’s rights nor subconsciously to promote negative reactions or stigmatize our students and employees with heritages from other countries. Let us all be mindful that our interactions with everyone are to be welcoming and devoid of discrimination and stereotyping.

While the concerns about a coronavirus outbreak have arrived in the United States, it is too soon to predict the impact the virus may have on SCC. To minimize the risk to Stanly County, our students, and our employees, SCC has banned all college-related travel until further notice. Classes and on-campus activities will continue as planned. Our contracted janitorial service has increased cleaning efforts, and our facilities team has made hand sanitizer available throughout the college. Please help us to keep you well by following the standard hygiene practices described below and in the video linked to the left of this page.

In an effort to keep you informed and healthy, this webpage will share information and address concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) but should not be considered as your primary source of information for coronavirus in our region.

What if I have traveled to an area with COVID-19 illness or been around someone who is sick?

Self-quarantine is recommended for people who have come in close contact with individuals confirmed to have COVID-19 illness or who have traveled from areas where transmission of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is widespread or ongoing. SCC strongly recommends that students and employees who are in this category self-quarantine for 14 days from the date they left the area or came in contact with individuals who were diagnosed with at least a presumptive case of COVID-19.

Employees who are not showing signs of illness are asked to telework. Employees who are not showing signs of illness but cannot telework should contact their supervisors for further direction.

In addition, students and employees who are showing signs of COVID-19 illness (e.g., fever and lower respiratory symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath) are required to stay away from SCC locations.

Employees who are showing signs of illness must follow SCC’s Leave Policy. At this time, SCC is not offering administrative leave to employees who are in self-quarantine.