COVID-19 Update 12

Content Updated: October 15, 2020

Good day, SCC. Many of you are closely watching the pandemic and the impact it is having across the globe, our country, our state, and our community. Many of you know that the Stanly County School system began a two-week period of completely remote learning. Stanly Community College has continued to be somewhat fortunate in how the virus has impacted our students, faculty, and staff. While we have had some isolated cases, we have been able to avoid clustered outbreaks. I want to remind you that we are watching the situation closely and have contingency plans, which we will implement, if circumstances merit action. Given the seemingly growing number of cases in Stanly County at the moment, we are being more cautious with faculty/staff who need to be on campus. We are having personnel who work in close proximity to others rotate schedules. This is in an effort to continue to mitigate the impact the virus will have on us. I would like to state that we do not have plans to report the number of cases at SCC. There are a number of reasons for this. I would, however, like to reassure you that you will be notified if someone close to you is affected.

As I have indicated in prior messages, we will continue to operate in this manner for the foreseeable future. Our spring semester will mirror the current environment. While I want to see more people on campus, and see life return to normal, we will have to continue to be prudent. And we will fervently try to keep our employees and our students safe.

The pandemic has had an impact on each of us and each of our students. Each of us is dealing with the effects in varying degrees.

Our students continue to struggle in ways that we may not even recognize. I know it’s a difficult situation for all of us. But continue to remember that our students need us. More now than ever.

I want to remind everyone that we have an Employee Guide entitled Return to Campus, or R2C, that provides information on how we are handling the pandemic. Additionally, the COVID website is our repository to information related to the pandemic. A coronavirus self-checker tool is available on the webpage and helps guide what we should do in various situations related to COVID. This tool is available for anyone, but we want to ensure that our employees and students know about the tool. As a reminder, masks are required on campus and all SCC locations.

We will get through this, SCC. Stay strong, stay safe, and keep pressing forward.

John D. Enamait, Ph.D.
Stanly Community College