COVID-19 Update 7

(Content updated: March 26, 2020)

Stanly Community College is committed to providing services to our students during this unusual time. If you need access to the Internet, Stanly Community College has an open WiFi network called SCC Guest. You may access this service from outside several of our buildings in the parking lot including:


  1. Parking lot G front of Whitley Building.
  2. Parking lot H side of Whitley Building.
  3. Parking lot G side of Eddins in the row where the handicap parking is closest to the building.
  4. In front of the Patterson building parking next to the sidewalk/handicap spaces
  5. In front of the Small Business Center in downtown Albemarle. There is also a bench on the sidewalk in front of this location that people can sit on.

External resources available include: