Deferred Payment Plan

Payment Due Dates ~ Spring 2019

DPP Start date for 3 payments: 11/14/18 - Wednesday
Last day to start payment plan with 3 payments: 02/15/19 - Friday
2nd Payment due: 02/22/19 - Friday
3rd/Final Payment due: 03/22/19 - Friday

DPP Start date for 2 payments: 02/18/19 - Monday
Last day to start payment plan with 2 payments: 03/11/19 - Monday
2nd/Final Payment: 03/22/19 – Friday

Should a student register for a future semester and miss final payment-Registration will be purged.

This plan applies to Curriculum Tuition/Fees only. Holds will be placed on accounts after the first missed payment. A business office hold will prevent a student from registering for classes, viewing grades, and requesting transcripts. Holds will remain on students accounts until balance is paid in full.

Stanly Community College Business Office has implemented payment plans online through Self-Service, once registered please log onto Self-Service using your username and password. Go to Student Finance > Make a Payment > Create Payment Plan. Please make sure to read and accept the terms and conditions and make payment online.