Counseling & Special Services

Counseling & Special Services provide support to all students who want to maximize their college experience. Services available include:

  • Career interest testing, career information, educational planning, and goal setting.
  • Assistance with apply to and transferring to a four-year college or university.
  • Assistance with academic concerns, creating academic support systems in test taking, note taking, and time management skills, and other issues or obstacles preventing students from being successful.
  • Support for students with documented disabilities including physical, psychological, and other health concerns Such conferences are kept confidential. Students are encouraged to contact a counselor any time a problem arises that could affect progress in their studies.
  • Students whose primary language is one other than English may require translator services in the classroom. If you feel that this service would be beneficial to you, please contact Megan Brehun to schedule an appointment.

Counseling newsletter on COVID-19

Contact Us

Megan Brehun
Megan Brehun, Director of Counseling and Special Services
Location: Patterson Building, Room 120
Phone: 704-991-0161

Leigh Stewart
Leigh Stewart, Counselor, School of Transfer & CCR
Location: Snyder Building, Room 220
Phone: 704-991-0236

Luke Essex
Luke Essex, Counselor, School of Business and Technology
Location: Whitley Technology Center 107
Phone: 704-991-0280