Reasonable and Unreasonable Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodation Examples
Students who are blind or have low vision:

  • Large print handouts and tests
  • Magnification equipment
  • Computer enlarged characters and images
  • Voice output (screen reader for computers)
  • Audio-books
  • Recorder
  • Speech-to-text programs

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing:

  • Interpreters
  • Note taker
  • Use of visual aids

Students who have a learning disability:

  • Note taker and/or recorder for class sessions
  • Extra time for testing
  • Distraction-free testing environment
  • Text-to-Speech

Students with physical barriers:

  • Adjustable desks, computer stations and lab equipment
  • Computer equipment with special input devices
  • Accessible classroom locations
  • Note taker

Students with medical or health impairments:

  • Varied accommodations depending upon the health impairment
  • Extra time to take tests
  • Testing in distraction-free environment

Unreasonable Accommodation Examples
Accommodations request which are considered unreasonable if they:

  • Substantially alter the educational standards or mission of Stanly Community College
  • Fundamentally alter the nature of a program or course
  • Allow access to a program when a student is not otherwise qualified (with or without accommodations) to meet the academic and technical standards required for admission
  • Cause undue financial or administrative hardship (college-wide)
  • Be of a personal service in nature (i.e. personal aid)
  • Pose a direct threat to health or safety