Testing Information for Faculty

Testing Procedures

  • Testing will be scheduled by student with the SCC Testing Center at least 2 days prior to testing date.
  • Upon arrival for testing, student will sign in and show identification.
  • If student chooses to bring non-testing materials, they will be asked to store them away under their chair until the test is completed.
  • If a student misses a test or an exam for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to notify the instructor to determine if a retest can be arranged.
  • Once the student enters the testing space, he/she will not be able to leave the area until the test is completed.
  • Students are expected to take care of all personal needs (such as using the restroom, eating, etc.) before testing.
  • Failure to comply with testing rules and standards (ex: cheating) will result in punishment as per documented in the Code of Conduct

Instructor Role

  • Student will meet with his/her instructor(s) at the beginning of each semester to discuss individual testing accommodations and make appropriate arrangements for testing.
  • Instructors will be asked to send tests or exams to the Director of Counseling and Special Services at least 2 days prior to testing in order to appropriately modify exam to satisfy accommodation. Student is responsible for scheduling testing.
  • Instructors will be asked to complete a Faculty Testing Request Form for each test. Information on the Faculty Testing Request Form includes:
    • Student’s name
    • Class/Test number
    • Class time allotted/time limit
    • Last date to take the test
    • Materials allowed (ex: calculator, note card, etc.)
    • Comments/Special Instructions
    • Instructor’s signature.
  • Director of Counseling and Special Services will deliver test to instructor after completion by student

Note for Instructors

  • Instructors and/or departments/divisions determine policies regarding attendance, make-up work and missed quizzes, tests, and exams.
  • Instructors are not required to lower academic standards or fundamentally alter their course for accommodation purposes.

ADA Syllabus Statement
If you have a disability that may affect your academic performance and are seeking accommodations, it is your responsibility to inform the ADA services office located in SB220. You may contact Megan Brehun at (704) 991-0161 or mbrehun6994@stanly.edu if you have any questions concerning disability services. You may also visit https://www.stanly.edu/future-students/college-catalog/student-support-services/disability-services-ada to learn more about ADA services at Stanly Community College. It is important to request accommodations early enough to give the ADA services office adequate time to consider your request and recommend reasonable accommodations. Students are encouraged to initiate the request process 30 days prior to the beginning of a semester or class. Accommodations are not retroactive and can only become active after all required documents are submitted. Instructors will provide necessary accommodations based solely on the recommendations of the ADA services office.

Additional Information:
Faculty Testing Request Form