Adkisson, Liz(704) 991-0279West Main Street; Room 111-DPreCollege Associate
Aldridge, Joshua(704) 991-0173Webb Student Center; Room102Program Head, Heavy Equipment Operations
Allen, Amy(704) 991-0232Patterson Building; Room 128Accounts Payable Technician
Allen, Erin(704) 991-0261Snyder Building; Room 113Director of Library Services
Allen, Joel(704) 991-0294Patterson Building; Room 138Director of Enterprise Applications
Almond, Christi(704) 991-0269West Main Building; Room 115ADirector of BLET/Coordinator, Law Enforcement Training
Almond, Jan(704) 991-0273Crutchfield Education Center; Room 139BCoordinator, Nursing Level I
Amirtharaj, Merlin(704) 991-0207Whitley Technology Center; Room 104Associate Vice President of the School of Business & Technology
Bailey, Tabitha(704) 991-0227Patterson Building; Room 230-ECoordinator, eLearning Student Support
Barbee, AngelCrutchfield Education CenterMaintenance/Housekeeping
Barbee, JoshuaCoordinator, College & Career Readiness & Transition Support
Barbee, Tiffany(704) 991-0162Crutchfield Education Center; Room 216AProgram Head, Radiography
Barber, DeErica(704) 991-0326Patterson Building; Room 217Director of Organizational Development
Barrier, Lorri(704) 991-0172Snyder Building; Room 212Program Head, Humanities/Fine Arts
Baucom, Devin(704) 991-0190AMIT 131AProgram Head, HVAC - ACI
Baucom, Phillip(704) 991-0237Patterson Building; Room 213Designer, eLearning
Beaver, Sarah(704) 991-0332Snyder Building; Room 216Instructor, History
Beaver, William(704) 991-0383Advanced Manufacturing Technology Building; Room 107Program Head, Welding
Benton, Bret(704) 422-3036Albemarle Correctional InstituteInstructor, HVAC ACI
Blackmon, GeorgiaKelley BuildingMaintenance/Housekeeping
Bogle, Christy(704) 991-0370Patterson Building; Room 210AExecutive Director of the SCC Foundation
Bost, Donald(704) 422-3036; Extension 2754Albemarle Correctional InstituteCoordinator/Instructor, Correctional Institute
Bostic, Blake(704) 991-0183Patterson Building; Room 231ADean of Administrative & Facilities Services
Bowers, Melinda(704) 991-0362West Main Street, Room 101Coordinator, Adult Secondary Education
Bowman, Jonathon(704) 991-0270Snyder Building; Room 203Department Head/Instructor English
Boylen, Max(704) 991-0262Eddins Building; Room 232BProgram Head, Criminal Justice
Braswell, Melody (704) 991-0343Patterson Building; Room 208ADirector of Grant Services
Brosius, Whitney(704) 991-0169Eddins Building; Room 230 & Crutchfield Education Center; Room 115Retention Specialist
Bullins, Nancy(704) 991-0285Patterson Building; Room 209Human Resources Officer
Burleson, JillEddins BuildingMaintenance/Housekeeping
Burnette, Heather(704) 991-0215Patterson Building; Room 110Financial Aid Specialist
Burris, Bonnie(704) 991-0127Patterson Building; Room 230-CCoordinator, Student Information
Burris, Darlene(704) 991-0250Eddins Building; Room 230Retention Specialist II
Burroughs, Andre(704) 991-0315Snyder Building; Room 109Studio Manager
Campbell, Alan(704) 991-0360Patterson Building; Room 230Coordinator, Academic Support Services
Carriker, Adam(704) 991-0372Whitley Technology Center; Room 132Program Head, Simulation & Game Development
Carriker, Delia(704) 991-0161Patterson Building; Room 106EDirector of Counseling & Special Services
Carrothers, Donna(704) 991-0128Kelley Building; Room 220Administrative Assistant; Stanly Early College
Caudle, Kelly(704) 991-0346Whitley Technology Center; Room 130Program Head, Information Systems Security
Chaney, Dana(704) 991-0189Patterson Building; Room 204Instructor, Business
Chrane, Rita(704) 991-0291Whitley Technology Center; Room 101Associate Dean of Computer Technologies
Christy, Stephanie(704) 991-0153Kelley BuildingData Manager Stanly Early College
Clark, Mark(704) 991-0239Patterson Building; Room 201Coordinator, Duplicating Services
Craven, Dana(704) 991-0342Eddins Building; Room 108Coordinator/Instructor, Nursing Aid Programs
Crump, Brandon(704) 991-0319Whitley Technology Center; Room 113Instructor, Technology Academy
Crump, Brian(704) 991-0373Whitley Technology Center; Room 129Program Head, Network Technology
Crump, Dr. Tammy(704) 991-0267Eddins Building; Room 120 & Crutchfield Education Center; Room 106Associate Vice President of the School of Health & Public Services
Cumming, Steve(704) 991-0139Kelley Building; Room 217Success Coach, College & Career Promise
Deal, Kelly(704) 991-0163Eddins Building; Room 216Instructor, Human Services
Dean, Cindy(704) 991-0329Snyder Building; Room 207Associate Dean of University Transfer & General Studies
Denning, Laura(704) 991-0364Crutchfield Education Center; Receptionist DeskSwitchboard Operator/Receptonist
Drake, Jeff(704) 991-0274Patterson Building; Room 139Chief Technical Officer
Dunlap, Terri(704) 991-0157Patterson Building; Room 103Administrative Assistant to the VP of Administration & CFO
Edwards, Greg(704) 991-0336Eddins Building; Room 222BCoordinator, Developmental Mathematics
Essex, Luke(704) 991-0280Whitley Technology Center; Room 107Coordinator, Student Support for School of Business & Technology
Faulkenberry, Anne(704) 991-0185Kelley Building; Room 221Dean of Instruction (Principal); Stanly Early College
Fields, Petra(704) 991-0231Patterson Building; Room 109Dean of Financial Aid Management
Finch, Kara(704) 991-0338Eddins Building; Room 217Program Head, Human Services Technology
Fisher, Stephanie(704) 991-0206Patterson Building; Room 119AAssociate Vice President for Fiscal Services
Foley, Dustin(704) 991-0214Snyder Building; Room 107Recruitment Specialist
Foster, Adam(704) 991-0107Patterson Building; Room 111Financial Aid Associate II
Fowler, Glynn(704) 991-0344Patterson Building; 206-AInstructor, Biology
Furr, April(704) 991-0209Crutchfield Education Center; Room 109Faculty Associate, School of Health & Public Services
Furr, Dr. Myra(704) 991-0202Patterson Building; Room 113Associate Vice President of Student Success/Dean of Students
Furr, Katie(704) 991-0124Snyder Building; Room 115Coordinator, First Year Experience
Furr-Rogers, Samantha(704) 991-0309Patterson Building; Room 207-AInstructor, Biology
Gann, Jessica(704) 991-0192Patterson Building; Room 112Administrative Assistant, Student Success
George, Thomas(704) 991-0387Snyder Building; Room 201Dean of Marketing & Outreach
Gooch, Josh(704) 991-0263Whitley Technology Center; Room 133Program Head, Advertising & Graphic Design
Graham, Taffy(704) 991-0242Eddins Building; Room 207-ACoordinator, Developmental English
Gresham, Claudia(704) 991-0307Synder Building; Room 230Program Head, University Transfer
Griffey, BeckySnyder BuildingMaintenance/Housekeeping
Hagar, Debora(704) 991-0380Whitley Technology Center; Room 103Instructor, Computer Technology
Hamby, Angela(704) 991-0158Crutchfield Education Center; Room 139DInstructor, Associate Degree Nursing
Hammett, Kim(704) 991-0164West Main Building; Room 115BCoordinator, CJC Online
Hancock, Shelley(704) 991-0143Snyder Building; Room 108Coordinator, Marketing & Community Outreach
Harper, Tina(704) 991-0268Crutchfield Education Center; Room 111Program Head, Respiratory Therapy
Hatley, Amber(704) 991-0271Crutchfield Education Center; Room 139ACoordinator, Clinical Nursing Level I
Hatley, Colette(704) 991-0213Webb Center BookstoreBookstore Technician - General Merchandise
Hatley, Gary(704) 991-0135Whitley Technology Center; Room 124Program Head, Electronics Engineering Technology
Hatley, Ginger(704) 991-0132Patterson Building; Room 209AHuman Resources Technician
Hatley, Jennifer(704) 991-0193Patterson Building; Room 230-FAssociate Dean of Academic Support Services
Hatley, Linda(704) 991-0375Cosmetology; Room 130AInstructor, Cosmetology
Hazlett, Dan(704) 991-0216Snyder Building; Room 116Instructor; Stanly Community College
Hedrick, Carmella(704) 991-0253Snyder Building; Room 223Instructor, Music
Herrin, Alicia(704) 991-0182Groves Building, SBC Room 103Director of Small Business & Entrepreneurial Development
Herrin, Kimberly(704) 991-0339Patterson Building; Room 231-ECoordinator/Instructor, Continuing Education Cosmetic Arts
Herring, Starra(704) 991-0397Crutchfield Education Center; Room 216-DProgram Director, Medical Assisting
High, Kristin(704) 991-0136Eddins Building; Room 220Learning Technologist
Hill, Antonia(704) 991-0246Crutchfield Education Center; Room 112Network Manager
Hill, Dr. Heather(704) 991-0306Snyder Building; Room 210Acting Chief Academic Officer
Hill , Zachary(704) 991-0377Patterson Building: Room 137Senior Database Administrator
Hinson, Donna(704) 991-0251Crutchfield Education Center; Room 142Coordinator, Operations
Hoang, Michele(704) 991-0113Crutchfield Education Center; Room 216BDirector of Clinical Education, Radiography Program
Hockett, Anne(704) 991-0389West Main Street; Room 106Director of College and Career Readiness
Holt, Christi(704) 991-0149Eddins Building; Room 111-CCoordinator, Instruction
Holyfield, Patrick(704) 991-0235Patterson Building; Room 106HDean of Enrollment Management & Academic Support Services
Honeycutt, Christie(704) 991-0295Eddins Building; Room 125Associate Dean of Health & Public Services
Hopkins, Beth(704) 991-0137Snyder Building; Room 205Program Head, Social Science
Hopkins, Christy(704) 991-0316Eddins Building; Room 124Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Horner, Patricia(704) 991-0395Snyder Building; Room 209Coordinator, Global Education
Hughes, Misty(704) 991-0359Snyder Building; Room 107Director of Outreach
Huneycutt, Ann(704) 991-0175West Main Street, Room 107College & Career Readiness Records Technician
Huneycutt, Billy(704) 991-0248Advanced Manufacturing Technology Building; Room 159Program Head, Autobody Repair/Restoration
Huneycutt, LorrainePatterson BuildingMaintenance/Housekeeping
Huneycutt, Nick(704) 991-0318Whitley Technology Center; Room 113Instructor, Technology Academy
Huneycutt, Wanda(704) 991-0108Crutchfield Education Center; Room 139ECoordinator, Clinical Nursing Level II
Jackson, Melissa(704) 991-0382Crutchfield Education Center, Room 224Program Head, Medical Laboratory Technology
Jones, Donna(704) 991-0217Eddins Room; Room 117Faculty Communication Manager For Health/Public Services CE Programs
Kennedy, Jana(704) 991-0180Patterson Buildling; Room 230DMentor, Eagle's One Stop
Kent, Derek(704) 991-0368Whitley Technology Center; Room 105Instructor, Simulation & Game Development
Kinley, Marion(704) 991-0234Groves Building; SBCDirector of Economic Development
Lambert, Frank(704) 991-0349Whitley Technology Center; Room 134Instructor, Information Systems Security
Lambert, Ollie(704) 991-0340Patterson Building; Room 230CMentor, Eagle's One Stop
Landis, Terry(704) 991-0284Patterson Building; Room 135Network Manager
Leslie, Emily(704) 991-0154Patterson Building; Room 230BFinancial Aid Liaison
Lewis, Kim(704) 991-0156Crutchfield Education Center; Room 113Program Head, Pharmacy Technology
Lewis, Sylvia(704) 991-0287Whitley Technology Center; Room 131Director of Business & Career Technologies
Linnell, Roxanne(704) 991-0243Snyder Building; Room 202Coordinator/Faculty Associate, School of Transfer
Little, Cheryl(704) 991-0225Patterson Building, Room 106-CAdmissions Technician
Love, Rita(704) 991-0328Patterson Building; Room 218Director of Institutional Research & Planning
Love, Ryan(704) 991-0266Advanced Manufacturing Technology Building; Room 157Instructor Lead, CNC/Manual Machining
Lowder, MarkAlbemarle CampusMaintenance/Housekeeping
Lowder, Michael(704) 991-0366Crutchfield Education Center; Room 225Program Head, Life & Physical Science
Lykke-Elium, Rita(704) 991-0345Whitley Technology Center; Room 134Faculty Associate, Information Technology
Lynden, John(704) 991-0293Whitley Technology Center; Room 105Instructor, Computer Technology
Maness, Tamara(704) 991-0286Snyder Building; Room 219Instructor, English
Martin, Jeania(704) 991-0114Patterson Buildling; Room 106-ADirector of Admissions
Martin, Mike(704) 991-0300Patterson Building; Room 231-FSecurity Officer
McCree, Robin(704) 991-0252Eddins Building; Room 111-DInterim President
McIlwaine, Tammi(704) 991-0311Kelley Building; Room 216 Dean of Pre-College/SEC Liaison
McManus, Terry(704) 991-0392Patterson Building; Room 136Technical Support Manager
Measmer, BobbyMaintenance Supervisor
Miller, Kimberly(704) 991-0256Snyder Building; Room 219Instructor, Sociology
Monteith, Deborah(704) 991-0358Crutchfield Education Center; 129-AInterim Program Head for EMS
Morton, Jamie(704) 991-0147Patterson Building; Room 116Testing & Assessment Specialist
Morton, Jessie(704) 991-0134Kelley BuildingDean of Student Services; Stanly Early College
Myers, Brigette(704) 991-0177Snyder Building; Room 211Program Head, Mathematics
Nelson, Elaine(704) 991-0244Snyder Building; Room 208Instructor, English
Nichols, David(704) 991-0174Crutchfield Education Center, Room 225Instructor, Chemistry
Nicks, Tanya(704) 991-0290Snyder Building; Room 224Instructor, Psychology
O'Neal, Betty(704) 991-0142Eddins Building; Room 231ACarolina Auction Academy
Osborne, Cynthia(704) 991-0384Eddins Building; Room 123Coordinator, EDU Online
Osborne, Shelley(704) 991-0203Patterson Building; Room 123Purchasing Agent
Parmer, Dan(704) 991-0245Whitley Technology Center; Room 123Associate Dean of Engineering Technologies
Parsons, Jeff(704) 991-0321Advanced Manufacturing Technology Building; Room 161Associate Vice President of the School of Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Technologies
Peifer, Michelle(704) 991-0393Snyder Building; Room 104Director of Marketing & Communications
Pollard, Joe(704) 991-0171Patterson Building; Room 219/Crutchfield Education Center; Room 139Coordinator, eLearning Activities
Poole, Austin(704) 991-0394Patterson Building; Room 134AWebmaster
Poole, Cindi(704) 991-0331Patterson Building; Room 106-GCoordinator, Curriculum Student Records
Poplin, Dustin(704) 991-0365Patterson Building; Room 137Network Manager
Poplin, Michelle(704) 991-0208Patterson Building; Room 106Associate Registrar
Preslar, Melissa(704) 991-0115Patterson Building; Room 108Financial Aid Associate I
Pryor, Marcus(704) 991-0278Patterson Building; Room 124Associate Dean of Students & Career Placement
Reeder, Dalton(704) 991-0335Patterson Building; Room 204Instructor, Accounting
Richards, Sonny(704) 991-0277Eddins Building, Room 222CProgram Head, Biomedical Technology
Rickaby, Mary(704) 991-0179Patterson Building; Room 106-DContinuing Education Records Technician
Ritchie, Tabitha(704) 991-0181Advanced Manufacturing Technology Building; Room 158Coordinator/Faculty Associate, AMIT
Roberson, Kara(704) 991-0305Snyder Building; Room 223Instructor, Mathematics
Rowell, Cheryn(704) 991-0133Eddins Building; Room 232-AInstructor, Criminal Justice
Russell, Donna(704) 991-0229Webb Center BookstoreBookstore Technician - Textbooks
Sample, Mark(704) 991-0247Patterson Building; Room 206Director of Media Services
Sams, Katrina(704) 991-0355Groves Building, SBCSmall Business Center/Economic Development Division Assistant
Saunders, Marlene(704) 991-0258Patterson Building; Room 208Executive Director of College Accountability
Sawyer, Caroline(704) 991-0236Snyder Building; Room 220Coordinator,Student Support for School of Transfer
Schulz, Jonathan(704) 991-0296Patterson Building; Room 125Accounts Receivable Technician
Shaver, Holly(704) 991--0219Crutchfield Education Center; Room 117Coordinator, CE Healthcare
Shelton, Jaime(704) 991-0361Eddins Building; Room 121Instructor; Early Childhood Education/School Age Education
Shepherd, Tammy(704) 485-2793West Stanly High SchoolCoordinator/Instructor, Cosmetic Arts - West Stanly High School
Sholar, Anthony(704) 991-0351Webb Student Center; Room 106Dean of Auxiliary Services
Shue, Susan(704) 991-0259Snyder Building; Room 112Associate Learning Resource Center
Simpson, Jamie(704) 991-0391Patterson Building; Room 105Accountant
Smith, Ashley(704) 991-0275Patterson Building; Room 210-BExecutive Aide to the President
Smith, Cynthia(704) 991-0144Patterson Building; Room 125Accounts Receivable/Financial Aid Technician
Smith, David(704) 991-0376Cosmetology; Room 106Program Head, Cosmetology
Smith, Jerry(704) 991-0317Patterson Building; Room 214Coordinator, Institutional Research
Smith, Lois(704) 991-0249Patterson Building; Room 215Vice President of Organizational Growth, Development & Effectiveness
Smith, Ted(704) 991-0118Patterson Building 231CDirector of Security
Sperling, Michael(704) 991-0357Patterson Building; Room 216Associate Dean of Business & Career Technology
Stirewalt, Casey(704) 991-0188Patterson Building; Room 136Technical Support Technician
Swaringen, Jeff(704) 991-0184Whitley Technology Center; Room 125Instructor, Electronics Engineering Technology
Thompson, Tiffanny(704) 991-0166Patterson Building; Room 230-AMentor, Eagle's One Stop
Treece, BrianMaintenance Technician I
Trick, Jennifer(704) 991-0205Patterson Building; Room 125Cashier/Data Technician
Trogdon, Gena(704) 991-0374Cosmetology; Room 106Instructor, Cosmetology
Utley, Debbie(704) 991-0320Crutchfield Education Center; Room 103Coordinator; Student Resources Center - Crutchfield
Vanhoy, Lydia(704) 991-0204Patterson Building; Room 128APayroll Specialist
Wade, Shannon(704) 991-0212Patterson Building; Room 106-FCoordinator, Graduation & Degree Audit
Wall, Becky(704) 991-0176Patterson Building; Room 104Interim Executive Vice President & CFO
Waller, Gerald(704) 422-3036Albemarle Correctional InstituteInstructor, Electrical/Electronics Technology & Industrial Maintenance - ACI
Washburn, Chassity(704) 991-0159Crutchfield Education Center; Room 139CDirector of Nursing
Watson , Gonda(704) 991-0390Whitley Technology Center; Room 106Instructor; Computer Technologies
Whitley, Blair(704) 991-0230Crutchfield Education Center; Room 139DCoordinator, Nursing Level II
Whitley, Heather(704) 991-0130Crutchfield Education Center; Room 216-CInstructor, Medical Assisting
Whitley, Patty(704) 991-0433Webb Center; CafCampus Food Service Manager
Willamor, James(704) 991-0322Patterson Building; Room 134AInformation Security Manager
Witschey, Amy(704) 991-0276Crutchfield Education Center; Room 110Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Therapy Program
Young, Cole(704) 991-0131Eddins Building; Room 221Associate Learning Technologist