Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors and Advising

Upon receiving a student's application, the Admissions Office will send a letter to acknowledge receipt of the application (as well as an e-mail confirmation) to inform the student of the resources available in academic advising. Often, a student's advisor is the program head or a faculty member in the student's chosen program of study.  An advisee’s progress will be monitored by the advisor; therefore, each student should seek the advice of the assigned advisor when questions arise regarding his or her program of study or requirements for program completion. The student is encouraged to make an appointment to confer with his or her advisor during the faculty member’s office hours each term.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her advisor, ask questions about classes, parking, tutoring, grades, job market, etc., and work with the advisor in setting educational and career goals and planning schedules.

Advisors will make every effort to provide effective guidance to each assigned student in academic matters and to make a referral if the student needs assistance in other matters.

Special credit students are not assigned academic advisors. The Student Development Office personnel and appropriate faculty will assist students in course(s) and program selection prior to registration and during the semester.

Eagle's1-Stop and WebAdvisor are available for student guidance.

The final responsibility for meeting all academic degree requirements as well as institution requirements ultimately rests with the student.

New Student Orientation

All new curriculum students are encouraged to attend and participate in orientation, which takes place prior to fall semester of each year. Students will become familiar with campus regulations and policies governing student behavior, various departments on campus, academic information, grade distribution, program changes, and clubs and organizations for student participation. For those unable to attend the annual New Student Orientation, the College provides an online orientation video.