Student Records

Release of Student Records and Information
All student records are held confidential by the institution with the exception of directory information (see Student Records and Privacy Rights Policy). Placement credentials, transcripts, and other pertinent information will be made available only upon written request of the student. A statement authorizing release must be signed by the student before a transcript or any other information will be sent to other colleges, employers, or other agencies. Authorization for Transcript Requests forms are available in the Records and Registration Office. Transcripts will not be released for a student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the institution or under other signed agreement situations. Current students may request transcripts through WebAdvisor.

Change of Name, Address, and Directory Information
Students are responsible for notifying the Office of Records and Registration of all name and address changes as well as other directory information. Students should obtain a Change of Information Form from the Records Office or submit a change electronically through their WebAdvisor account.