Field Trip Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees10-10-2013
 Executive Leadership Team07-08-2013

Stanly Community College recognizes the importance of off-campus learning experiences in fostering student development and enhancing the understanding of educational content.  Enrolled students with appropriate status may participate in off-campus learning experiences.

Field Trip Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team04-13-2015
  1. Field trips relate to course content.

  2. At least two weeks prior to the field trip, a request must be submitted and approved by the appropriate Associate Dean and/or Associate VP.

  3. Travel arrangements and van reservations must be coordinated through and approved by the office of the Vice President for Administrative Services.

  4. If the planned field trip involves deviation in class schedules, such deviation must be coordinated with other instructors.

  5. Students must complete and sign a Student Participation Form prior to the field trip.

  6. A College-wide email will be sent as notification that students will be off campus.

  7. Notification of the field trip will be placed on the classroom door on the day of the trip.

  8. Allowed field trip participation by minors in curriculum programs, occupational extension offerings, and College and Career Readiness is limited and is subject to the following special provisions:


    A. Stanly Early College or any Stanly County School students (Career and College Promise students) are subject to transportation restrictions and may not travel with Stanly Community College students.

B. If an entire Stanly Community College (SCC) class is comprised of Stanly Early College High School (SEC) students, the SCC instructor will complete a field trip request form, submit it to his/her Associate Dean and/or Associate VP, and send a copy to the SEC College Liaison.  The SEC College Liaison will notify SEC administration of the field trip and SEC personnel will be responsible for having the student participation form completed for each participating student prior to the day of the field trip.  SEC will provide transportation for the trip (SEC students may be transported only by state-approved carriers – vans & minivans are not approved carriers.)

C. High school students, including out of county and/or home school students may not travel with SCC students.  Therefore, if a class consists of SCC students as well as any high school students, an alternative activity or assignment must be provided for those students.  Parents or legal guardians will not be prohibited from providing independent transportation to a field trip location, but by doing so, assumes all liability and travel costs associated with the trip.

D. Club Related Travel may be allowed for SCC students who are minors but have graduated from high school.  The student’s official graduation from high school must occur before the date of the trip.

E. All minors granted permission to travel are required to have the Student Participation Form and Permission Slip completed and signed by a parent or guardian.