Mandatory Advising Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees02-20-2014
 Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013

Stanly Community College recognizes the value of academic advising in student success. The College has determined the need for mandatory advising of first year students to establish a clear academic plan and develop an advisor-advisee relationship.  Students are required to attend the appropriate New Student Orientation and mandatory advising sessions throughout their first year of attendance with the College.

Mandatory Advising Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013
  1. All Curriculum, Occupational Educational Program Based, and College and Career Readiness (CCR) students will attend a mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO) to gather vital information for their success with their chosen studies. Students will be provided opportunities to attend monthly orientation sessions.  Curriculum NSO sessions will be available online and face-to-face.  Occupational Educational Program Based sessions will be face-to-face due to the hands-on nature of the program.  CCR sessions will be provided face-to-face due to the need to test during the orientation.
  2. During the NSO sessions students will be provided an overview of the College’s requirements, academic support and career/program of study selections.  The student will have an opportunity to meet his/her advisor and to schedule a one-on-one advising meeting.
  3. During the Curriculum student’s advising session the program advisor will assist the student with the creation of a master academic plan for the desired credential level. The plan will be entered into the College’s Student Success database system allowing access for the student, advisor and appropriate college staff and faculty.
  4. Throughout the student’s first year, he/she will meet before registration with his/her advisor to insure his/her satisfactory progression with the master academic plan and determine the appropriate courses for the upcoming semester.
  5.  If the student encounters difficulties that impede his/her progress, he/she will need to meet as soon as possible with his/her advisor or with the appropriate school’s counselor. During this meeting the student will receive guidance on how to address the issues and progress.
  6. When the student successfully completes his/her first 30 hours of the program of study, he/she will be given permission to self-register.  Should further advising assistance be needed, the student can return to their assigned advisor or receive assistance in the Eagle’s One Stop.