Resident Classification for Tuition Purposes Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees02-20-2014
 Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013

A legal resident of North Carolina is one who has established residence in the state.  Persons 18 years of age or older are not deemed eligible for in-state tuition status until legal residence in North Carolina has been maintained at least twelve (12) months (General Statutes, Chapter 115D-39).

Resident Classification for Tuition Purposes Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013
  1. Potential students are required to complete a Stanly Community College Application for Admission which contains questions regarding residence status.
  2. Admissions staff will determine the initial residence status for tuition purposes based on responses to residence questions on the SCC Application for Admission, and the record will be coded accordingly.
  3. If a determination cannot be made from the credentials submitted or if there is a question regarding residence classification, the applicant will be sent a residence questionnaire to be completed and returned to the Office of Enrollment Management.  The residence status will be coded out-of-state until the applicant submits the completed application and a change in status is determined.
  4. An applicant/student may appeal his/her initial residence classification only during the term or 4 months, whichever is longer, he/she is enrolled at SCC.
  5. The appellant will complete the Tuition Questionnaire, the Tuition Status Change Request Form and the Student Statement Petitioning a Change in Residence Classification.  These forms are available in the Office of Enrollment Management.
  6. The completed forms will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions who will make a final determination within five days after the submission of the forms, but no later than the final day of the initial term of entry.
  7. If the appeal is denied, the appellant may further appeal to the Dean of Enrollment Management, whose decision is final.
  8. It is the student's responsibility to request a residence status change for tuition purposes once the requisite 12-months has passed.  Students who wish to change their residence status for tuition purposes after having met the 12-month rule must petition the Office of Enrollment Management and formally request the change. The classification will be changed within two working days of the application provided the twelve (12) month residence requirement has been fully met and documented.  If the change is denied for any reason, then the student may appeal the decision following the steps outlined in item 4 above.
  9. Regulations governing the classification of students by residence for tuition purposes are detailed in A Manual to Assist the Public Higher Education Institutions of North Carolina in the Matter of Student Residence Classification for Tuition Purposes, a copy of which is available in the Office of Enrollment Management.