Faculty Teaching Load Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees04-12-2018
 Executive Leadership Team03-25-2019

Teaching loads are determined by the respective associate dean in accordance with instructional needs. The range of full-time teaching loads for instructors depends upon the teaching area, number of preparations, student load, administrative duties, and other variables in accordance with the State Board of Community Colleges Code. A full teaching load is considered in the range of 16 to 21 credit hours or 18 to 22 contact hours per semester unless otherwise approved. Beyond the teaching load, a full-time faculty load includes office hours, committee work, student advising mentoring, and other duties as assigned.

Faculty Teaching Load Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team03-25-2019


Teaching load:  The normal range of hours per semester is 16 to 21 credit hours or 18 to 22 contact hours. In situations where normally required office hours are not applicable (for example, instructors whose full-time duty station is at Albemarle Correctional Institute), the teaching load shall be 22 to 30 contact hours.  Teaching loads are determined by the Dean and approved by the Associate Vice President.

Teaching overload:  An overload will be considered anything above the maximum contact hours listed above in one semester. In determining overload factors, credit hours will be counted for courses which include a seminar component.                                                                                                          

Dean/Program Head

Dean: up to 6 contact hours

Program Head: 15 to 18 contact hours



Number of preparations

In most cases, four different preparations shall be the maximum per semester; however, it is preferable to have no more than three. In determining the number of preparations, the total number of students an instructor is teaching may be considered. Programs with one or two instructors may necessitate more preparations.

Note: More than one section of the same course will not count as a different preparation.

Maximum overload allowance

Curriculum Faculty may teach up to a maximum of 2 courses or 6 credit hours over their current maximum teaching range, per semester.  This maximum includes courses taught in Curriculum, Continuing Education and College and Career Readiness.  Prior approval from the faculty member’s appropriate Associate Vice President (AVP) is required prior to any overload contract. Customized Training Project instruction is in addition to these requirements and is determined by the Dean and approved by the Associate Vice President.

Exceptions to the maximum overload policy are discouraged but may be approved by the respective Associate Vice President.


Revisions: 04/12/2018 (policy), 03/06/2018 (procedures)


SACSCOC Core Requirement 6.1, Full-time faculty

SACSCOC Standard 2.b, Program faculty

SACSCOC Standard 2.c, Program coordination

1C SBCCC 300.97(a)(2) Faculty