Political Activities of Employees Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees02-20-2014
 Executive Leadership Team01-02-2014

Each employee of the college retains all rights and obligations of citizenship provided in the constitution and laws of North Carolina and the Constitution and laws of the United States.  The college encourages its employees to exercise these rights and obligations of citizenship.

It is the policy of the college that an employee shall neither engage in political activities while on duty, nor do so at any time in a manner which interferes with the functions and/or mission of the college.  Nor may any employee use his/her position as an employee of the college to influence the political activities of other college employees.

Political Activities of Employees Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team01-02-2014
  1. The following conditions apply to the President or any employee who seeks public office:
  2. "Public office" means any national, state, or local government position of public trust and responsibility, whether elective or appointed, which is created or prescribed or recognized by constitution, statute, or ordinance.  Membership in the North Carolina General Assembly is a full-time public office under this definition.
  3. All employees who decide to run for public office will notify the Board of Trustees through the President of the intent to run for office. Said employee will certify that he/she will not campaign or otherwise engage in political activities during his/her regular work hours or involve the college in his/her political activities.  The President will notify the Board directly.
  4. All employees, who are elected to a part-time public office, will certify through the President to the Board of Trustees that the elected office will not interfere with  carrying out the duties of given position with the college, or will request leave.  The President will notify the Board directly.
  5. All employees, including the President, who are elected or appointed to a full-time public office or to the General Assembly, will be required to take a leave of absence without pay upon assuming office.  The length and conditions of the leave of absence will be determined by the Board of Trustees.
  6. All employees are prohibited from soliciting support on college property while on duty.  However, college employees retain the same rights and privileges as other candidates concerning the use of facilities and participating in candidate’s forums while they are not on duty.


  1. In addition, no employee may:
  2. Take any active part in managing a campaign or otherwise engage in political activity while on duty or within any period of time (when) expected to perform services for which he/she receives compensation from the college.
  3. Otherwise use the authority of his/her position or utilize college funds, supplies, or vehicles to secure support for or oppose any candidate, party, or issue in an election involving candidates for office or party nominations or affect the results thereof.
  4. Promise rewards, threaten loss of job, or coerce any college employee to support or contribute to any political issue, candidate, or party.
  5. The Board of Trustees shall notify the State Board of Community Colleges if the President of Stanly Community College should become a candidate for public office or if he/she is elected or appointed to a public office.