Drop/Add, Never Attended, Withdrawal Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees12-10-2015
 Executive Leadership Team10-19-2015

Stanly Community College (SCC) recognizes the need for students to make adjustments to course schedules. Courses may be added or dropped only during published Drop/Add dates as noted on the College Calendar found on the SCC website. A student who has not attended at least one class period or logged into an online class and completed an Academic Activity (submitted work) by the census date of the course will be dropped from the course roster for failure to attend. After the Drop/Add period, a student withdrawing from a course is responsible for initiating an official course withdrawal through the Office of Enrollment Management or with the instructor of the course.

Drop/Add, Never Attended, Withdrawal Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team04-27-2020

Drop/Add Period 

  1. Students may complete course changes via WebAdvisor or they may obtain a drop/add form from the Office of Enrollment Management, complete the form, and submit it to the Office of Enrollment Management. 
  2. Courses may be dropped up to and on the census date for each class; which is also defined as the 10% point of the course. After the census date, a grade is required as outlined in the college catalog. 
  3. Students must fulfill any financial obligations that occur due to their schedule change. Specific information related to refund requirements are found in the SCC Refund Policy 


Never Attended 


  1. The instructor is required to initiate the process to drop a student who never attended a class.  Grades are not applicable to students who never attend. 
  2. The census date is shown on the class roster in WebAdvisor. 
  3. The “No Show” box should be selected in web attendance to indicate that the student has not attended. 
  4. The student will then be dropped from the course by the Office of Enrollment Management and removed from the official roster.  
  5. Only those students approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs will be eligible to remain in a class if they have not attended by the census date of the course. 
  6. Specific information related to refund requirements are found in the SCC Refund Policy. 




  1. Once the last date to withdraw from a class has passed, students cannot request to be withdrawn; however, the instructor has the discretion to assign a withdrawal grade (“W”), or the grade earned. Instructors may, in certain instances, contract with the student to receive an Incomplete (“I”) grade. See the SCC Grade Policy for stipulations related to “I” grades. Students may withdraw from classes until the date indicated in the Academic Calendar, which will be approximately as follows: Students can withdraw from 4-week and 8-week classes approximately up to 1 week prior to the class’s end. Students can withdraw from 8-, 12- and 16-week classes approximately up to 2 weeks prior to the class’s end. 
  2. Instructors will assign a withdrawal grade (“W”) if a student: Requests a withdrawal prior to the last date to withdraw; has two consecutive weeks of absences and/or does not meet the class requirements before the last date to withdraw in a 12- or 16-week classes, regardless of contact; has one consecutive week of absences and/or does not meet the class requirements before the last date to withdraw in 4 or 8-week classes, regardless of contact; is not meeting the requirements of the course before the last date to withdraw.  The College reserves the right to extend the length of time allowed for consecutive absences in the event of a declared state of emergency by federal, state, or local government officials or for other extreme circumstances as determined by the College’s Executive Leadership Team. The College will assign a grade of “WE” (Withdraw – Emergency) to indicate that a withdrawal is the result of the COVID-19 state of emergency. 
  3. Instructors are required to evaluate attendance weekly. If it is determined a student should be withdrawn due to absences, and has not already instigated the withdrawal, the instructor will process the withdrawal within 48 hours. The instructor will put an “L” in web attendance indicating the student’s last date of academic activity; then issue a “W” (withdrawal) grade in WebAdvisor.  In addition, the instructor will deny the student’s access to Canvas, when applicable.  For student withdrawals handled through the Office of Enrollment Management, an email will be sent to the instructor to inform him/her of the withdrawal. 


Revision: 10/19/2015 (procedures)