Social Media and Networking Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees02-20-2014
 Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013

Stanly Community College recognizes that Internet-provided social media can be a highly effective tool for sharing ideas and exchanging information. While the College believes that social media can support professional and business development, the College is also aware that excessive or inappropriate social media use for personal or professional reasons can negatively impact SCC’s productivity and resources.

Social Media and Networking Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013
  • SCC defines social media broadly to include online platforms that facilitate activities such as professional or social networking, posting commentary or opinions, and sharing pictures, audio, video, or other content. Social media includes personal websites and all types of online communities where individuals communicate and/or share digital content.
  • SCC engages in communications with current and prospective employees, students, customers, business partners, vendors and suppliers, affiliates and subsidiaries, and the general public via SCC-sponsored social networking means. Only employees who are designated and authorized by the Dean of Marketing and Outreach can prepare content for or modify content on SCC-sponsored social media pages. 
  • SCC permits reasonable use of social media for work-related purposes, such as for research or to participate in audio conferences or webinars. Employees should use discretion and common sense and such activity cannot interfere with employees' regular job duties and responsibilities. Employees should also include a disclaimer or otherwise make clear that their views are their own and may not necessarily reflect SCC's current views or practices. Personal social networking sites are not to be used as an SCC communication tool between employees and students. SCC will establish professional sites for any employee who utilizes social networking for college-related business. SCC maintains the right to oversee each social media page.  Once approval has been given, the webmaster will register the account with the social networking service requested, record the username and password, and notify the requestor. Username and password may not be changed. The requestor will be responsible for maintaining the service and may contact the webmaster for assistance as needed. The webmaster will maintain account records in case content needs review or someone other than the original requestor assumes responsibility for the site.  If the social media becomes dormant, the Dean of Marketing and Outreach has the authority to disable the account.
  • All college-related communication through social media outlets should remain professional in nature and should always be conducted in accordance with the College’s communications policy, practices, procedures, and expectations. Employees must not use social networking sites for political purposes, to conduct private commercial transactions, or to engage in private business activities. Employees should be mindful that inappropriate usage of social media can be grounds for disciplinary action. If an account is used for educational purposes or college business, the entire account, regardless of any personal views, is subject to these best practices guidelines.
  • Employees should never use their college e-mail account in conjunction with a personal social networking site. SCC permits reasonable personal use of its electronic communications systems and devices for social media purposes; however, such use should be consistent with business needs and work responsibilities. For example, accessing and utilizing social media for substantial periods of the work day does not constitute reasonable use. During work hours, employees are discouraged from accessing and utilizing social media and should limit use as they would personal breaks. SCC must assume that you are using social media if your web browser is on a social media site, so you should promptly leave the site when you are not actively using the site.
  • While SCC respects employees' right to express personal opinions when using personal social media web pages for lawful purposes, SCC does not view social media as the appropriate forum for complaints and negative views of SCC, its employees, students, former employees, customers or other affiliates. Employees also should consider all of SCC's policies and procedures before discussing work-related activities on their personal pages. In addition, employees should refer to SCC’s subject-specific policies for appropriate complaint procedures.
  • All individuals utilizing Stanly Community College sponsored social media outlets should take security precautions to protect themselves from predators and others by not posting personally identifiable or contact information. Students and employees should also be aware that their online communication is subject to the Stanly Community College’s Student Code of Conduct for academic and non-academic violations, and or the Stanly Community College’s Employees’ Policy and Procedures. The College reserves the right to contact individuals regarding information posted on social media outlets, such as things that violate a Stanly Community College policy or procedure.