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 Executive Leadership Team05-20-2019

Follow these steps to accurately enter grades and attendance in Web Attendance Tracking, in WebAdvisor.

Steps taken when a course begins:

  • Access the course roster in WebAdvisor.
  • Access census report in Canvas.
  • Compare roster and census report.
  • Enter an "E" in web attendance tracking in WebAdvisor when students complete their first academic activity.  Their first academic activity may not be the census activity.
  • Select “I hereby certify…” box before submitting.
  • Select "No Show" in web attendance tracking in WebAdvisor if students do not complete an activity on or by the census date.
    • For hybrid or web-assisted classes, if the student attends either or both components (online/seated), he/she should NOT be marked “No Show”. He/she should only be marked “No Show” if the student has not participated in both components.
    • Once “No Show” is indicated in web attendance, the Registration Office will drop the student from the class.
  • Select the “I hereby certify…” box before submitting.
  • Check roster daily during drop/add period for drops/adds and compare with census report in Canvas.
  • Compare roster and census report again after deletes for non-payment are completed.


Steps taken during course when student withdraws:

  • Check census report for the last date that participation was completed.  For online components, a student's last date of participation may be housed within a third-party software or website.
  • Enter an "L" in web attendance tracking in WebAdvisor for the last date that student participated.
  • Select the “I hereby certify…” box before submitting.
  • Access Grading in WebAdvisor under the correct semester and under final grades enter "W" for the student (date should already be there from where L was put in web attendance; If no date is present, go back into web attendance tracking to enter the last date of attendance) and click submit.  Do not enter a date on the Grading Screen.


Steps taken when course ends:

  • Access web attendance tracking in WebAdvisor and enter an "L" for any student that is withdrawing or has failed the course for the last date they participated in the course.
  • Select the "I hereby certify…" box and final submission before submitting.
  • Access Grading in WebAdvisor under the correct semester and go under final grades and put in all grades and then select the “I hereby certify…” box and submit.
  • Grades are due within 24 hours of the class end date.


Hybrid/Web-Assisted Courses

Hybrid, Web-Assisted Courses have both seated attendance and online attendance. Both need to be entered into Web Attendance.  This information also applies to classes that have multiple seated components but no online portion.

  • Seated attendance
    • The component of the course that includes the specific meeting dates needs to have attendance noted based on the students attending the seated portion.
    • There may be more than one different component containing meeting dates. If so, all components need “E” dates in each individual one.
    • An “A” should be entered when a student is absent from the scheduled meeting date. It is assumed that the student is present when the date is blank.
    • When a student is withdrawn, an “L” needs to be put into each component of the class representing the last attendance date (of each component).
  • Online attendance
    • Obtain the tracking sheet from Canvas
    • Enter “E” dates based on the first access date into the online component (the room should be ONL).
    • Absences are not needed for online components unless the instructor just wants to track some type of attendance
    • An “L” should be entered for the last date of participation if a student withdraws
  • Students who do not attend
    • If you have a student who does not attend either component, the “No Show” box in web attendance needs to be checked. This should also check the “Never Attended” box in the grading automatically.
    • If you have a student who attends at least one component, whether seated or online, do not click “No Show” – just wait for an actual Entry date. If the student continues to not show for one of the components, he/she needs to be warned, then withdrawn from the class.
  • Withdrawing students
    • If you have a student who needs to be withdrawn from the class, an “L” needs to be entered in the students last date of each component (both seated and online) and a “W” grade issued in the grading. “L’s” must be entered in reverse chronological order.