EMS Continuing Education

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Start DateClassDay(s)WksFee
09/21/2020Trauma II-Chest & Abdominal PainM1$70.00
09/21/2020Trauma II-Chest & Abdominal PainM1$70.00
09/21/2020Trauma II-Chest & Abdominal PainM1$70.00
09/28/2020Trauma II-Chest & Abdominal PainM1$70.00
09/28/2020TSOP II-Medical AssessmentM1$70.00

EMS Continuing Education Courses represent a variety of continuing education and refresher class offerings available to credentialed EMS professionals. These classes follow state and national guidelines and are designed to provide the credentialed EMS professional with options for continuing their learning, refreshing their skills, and meeting the hourly continuing education requirements for EMS re-credentialing at the state and national levels.

Courses may be offered in a variety of formats including: currently active/ in-progress (these are multi-entry classes in the Continuing Education Division); Monthly local seated continuing education topics for EMTs and EMRs, taught at various local fire departments throughout Stanly County as a part of our local EMT Continuing Education Program. The same class topics are taught at multiple sites, on different days each month providing an individual with multiple opportunities to attend class.

Emergency Service Personnel, if you are affiliated with an EMS agency, rescue squad, or a volunteer fire department, and/or have never registered for a Stanly Community College Continuing Education Course, please complete the Pre-Registration / Emergency Service Application here.

For registration assistance, please contact the Eagle's OneStop at (704) 991-0123.

Please contact Scott Shew at (704) 991-0186 or gshew4054@stanly.edu for additional information.