Enrichment Courses

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Start DateClassDay(s)WksFee
10/18/2017Auto Dealer License RenewalW1$70.00
09/27/2017Auto Dealer Initial Pre-LicenseW TH1$70.00
11/08/2017Auto Dealer Initial Pre-LicenseW TH1$70.00
09/09/2017Escort Vehicle Operator CertificationS1$70.00
10/14/2017Escort Vehicle Operator CertificationS1$70.00
11/04/2017Escort Vehicle Operator CertificationS1$70.00
12/09/2017Escort Vehicle Operator CertificationS1$70.00
09/25/2017NC Vehicle Safety InspectionM T1$70.00
10/23/2017NC Vehicle Safety InspectionM T1$70.00
11/11/2017NC Vehicle Safety InspectionS1$70.00
09/27/2017Vehicle Emissions OBD II InspectionW TH1$70.00
10/25/2017Vehicle Emissions OBD II InspectionW TH1$70.00
11/18/2017Vehicle Emissions OBD II InspectionS1$70.00
09/28/2017Notary Public EducationTH1$70.00
10/25/2017Notary Public EducationW1$70.00
11/27/2017Notary Public EducationM1$70.00
12/18/2017Notary Public EducationM1$70.00

Enrichment courses provide relatively short, inexpensive courses on a wide variety of subjects. Course offerings are based on public interests and demands.  Special courses may be requested by contacting the Enrichment Coordinator. Not all courses are available at all times.

Auto Dealers Corporate and Professional Education:

  • Annual six-hour class that is required of all independent auto dealers.

Escort Vehicle Course:

  • Required eight-hour course for all persons whose jobs involve hauling and/or leading large loads on public highways.

Government and Education Services:

  • Cost-effective courses, seminars, and workshops are available for government and school employees.

Conversational Spanish:

  • A comprehensive conversational Spanish course that will include basic conversational skills, pronunciation practice, oral role-playing, note taking, and personal feedback.

Sign Language/Sign Language Interpreter:

  • Both basic and advanced levels of training in the skill of sign language usage. May be applied to both personal and professional relationships with the hearing impaired.