Enrichment Courses

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Start DateClassDay(s)WksFee
08/18/2021Info Systems Business Concepts16$125.00
08/28/2021Notary Public EducationS1$70.00
09/13/2021Basic Sign LanguageM10$70.00
09/16/2021TEAS Exam Preparation6$125.00
09/18/2021Intro to WeavingS1$70.00
09/23/2021Concealed CarryTH1$180.00
10/04/2021QMS Roadway Technician4$70.00
10/09/2021Memoir WritingS1$70.00
10/11/2021Intro to Asphalt8$70.00
10/16/2021Weaving in the RoundS1$70.00
10/28/2021Concealed CarryTH1$180.00
11/01/2021Custom Rod BuildingM T W TH1$170.00

Enrichment courses provide relatively short, inexpensive courses on a wide variety of subjects. Course offerings are based on public interests and demands.  Not all courses are available at all times.

Auto Dealers Corporate and Professional Education:

  • Annual six-hour class that is required of all independent auto dealers.

Escort Vehicle Course:

  • Required eight-hour course for all persons whose jobs involve hauling and/or leading large loads on public highways.

Government and Education Services:

  • Cost-effective courses, seminars, and workshops are available for government and school employees.

Conversational Spanish:

  • A comprehensive conversational Spanish course that will include basic conversational skills, pronunciation practice, oral role-playing, note taking, and personal feedback.

Self Defense

Sign Language/Sign Language Interpreter:

  • Both basic and advanced levels of training in the skill of sign language usage. May be applied to both personal and professional relationships with the hearing impaired.