Fire & Rescue

House Fire

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Start DateClassDay(s)WksFee
10/02/2019RescueT W3$70.00
09/04/2019TR VR Rescue Ops/Vehicle RescueW2$70.00
09/16/2019TR VR Vehicle Anatomy/New TechM2$70.00
08/26/2019TR Trench Block CourseM T W TH1$125.00
08/30/2019TR Collapse Block CourseF1$180.00
09/09/2019Fire Investigation TechnicianM T W TH F2$180.00

Stanly Community College and its instructors are committed to excellence in education for our fire and rescue personnel.

We provide all necessary certification training in conjunction with the North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal.

We train for knowledge, vigilance, and fun! PTB-EGH.

Fire Department Personnel, if you have never applied to Stanly Community College, please do so here.

Contact Lewis Edwards at (704) 991-0334 or for more information.