Fire & Rescue

House Fire

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Start DateClassDay(s)WksFee
12/09/2022Ff Fireground Ops 9M T F 3125.00
12/12/2022Traffic Incident ManagementW 170.00
12/15/2022Ff Fireground Ops 8M W TH S 4125.00
12/20/2022Traffic Incident ManagementT 170.00
12/21/2022Ff Rescue OpsW TH F 3125.00

Stanly Community College provides Certification and Non-Certification in Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management.

Current Certifications include

  • Basic Firefighter
  • HazMat
  • Driver Operator Pumps & Aerials
  • Instructor
  • Fire Chief
  • Airport Firefighter
  • RIT
  • Technical Rescue
  • TR Specialties
  • Fire & Life Safety Educator (FLSE)
  • Fire Investigation Technician

Other programs include Wildland Fire, NC Emergency Management programs, and a variety of non-certification specialty training. The College works closely with a number of agencies to deliver this training. All certification programs are offered in accordance with the NC Office of State Fire Marshal guidelines or the certifying agency.

Fire Department Personnel, if you have never applied to Stanly Community College, please do so here.

Contact Lewis Edwards at (704) 991-0334 or for more information.