Health Occupations

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Start DateClassDay(s)WksFee
01/09/2023Magnetic Resonance Image/MRIM 29201.50
01/10/2023Phlebotomy TechnicianT TH 23180.00
01/10/2023Phlebotomy TechnicianT TH 23180.00
02/06/2023EKG TechnicianM W 13180.00
10/18/2022BLS CPR/AEDT 175.50
11/01/2022Med Aide-Long-Term CareT W TH 270.50
11/15/2022BLS CPR/AEDT 175.50

As our population grows and matures, we encounter the challenges of maintaining proper healthcare for all ages. SCC provides excellent preparation for employment and/or state and national certification exams. Click on a course or program title to see more specific information about these classes.

Registration costs are subject to change based on community college funding regulations and requirements.