Registered Nurse Refresher Course


The Registered Nurse Refresher Course is designed to update knowledge and skills allowing the inactive registered nurse to meet state-mandated requirements and resume a professional nursing career in North Carolina. This course also meets continuing competence requirements for the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

The student will become acquainted with new technologies and skills, as well as receive a review and update of previously learned knowledge and skills. They will be exposed to current nursing concepts and safe nursing practice. Critical thinking is a major component of the program.

The course is a blended course. This course has 64 hours of online theory work, 60 hours of seated classroom/laboratory time, and 120 hours of clinical. The online portion is completed using the materials on Canvas. The seated portion meets for 10 Fridays from 9a-4p with 1-hour break for lunch. The 120 hours of clinical is completed on an inpatient unit in acute care facilities in the area. 

Charges/costs throughout course:

  • Criminal background check ($40-$50)
  • Urine Drug Screen ($35)
  • Uniforms for clinical
  • Textbook is required and is available at the SCC Bookstores (approximate cost of $150)

Total hours: 244


  • Valid photo ID (drivers license, passport, state ID, military ID)
  • Social Security Card
  • High School Diploma/GED/transcripts
  • Proof of past (or current) RN licensure in United States
  • Proof of 2 MMR's, 2 Varicella, 3 Hepatitis B, 2 negative TB skin tests within last year, and tetanus shot within last 10 years


Registration fee for the class is $208.50 and is due in full at the time of registration.

For registration assistance, please contact the Eagle’s OneStop at 704-991-0123.

You may register on WebAdvisor or by stopping by Eagle's OneStop on campus.

Please contact Dana Craven at 704-991-0342 or for additional information.

RN Refresher Handbook

RN Refresher Syllabus