Law Enforcement In-Service Training

**The courses below are fee-waived for sworn NC law enforcement officials.
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Start DateClassDay(s)WksFee
09/14/2017Mandated FirearmsTH1$0.00
10/14/2017Mandated FirearmsS2$0.00
09/07/2017Radar/TD RecertificationTH F1$0.00
11/08/2017Radar/TD RecertificationW TH1$0.00
09/06/2017Smi Operator Supplemental LidarW F1$0.00
11/07/2017Smi Operator Supplemental LidarT TH1$0.00
08/29/2017Mandated JMSTT1$0.00
08/29/2017LE Intelligence UpdateT1$0.00
08/24/2017Improving Decision MakingTH1$0.00
08/25/2017Standard Field Sobriety TestingF S SU1$0.00
08/29/2017Crime Scene PhotographyT W TH1$0.00
09/08/2017Crime Scene Management for 1st ResponderF1$0.00
08/28/2017Interviews & InterrogationsM T W TH F1$0.00
12/05/2017Introduction to Financial Crimes InvestigationsT W1$0.00
10/10/2017Child Abuse & Fatallity InvestigationsT W1$0.00
09/11/2017Fundamentals of the Investigative ProcessM T W1$0.00
11/01/2017Burglary & Property Crime InvestigationW TH F1$0.00
09/19/2017Drug Investigations for PatrolT W TH1$0.00
10/23/2017Leadership on the LineM T W1$0.00

Partner with us to enter the challenging and rewarding field of law enforcement.  The need for qualified law enforcement officers and security professionals is growing fast.  

If you want to begin or advance your career, let us help you balance the busy life you have to achieve the life you want!

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, if you have never applied to Stanly Community College, please do so here.

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